Art should never be censored no matter what. It is fiction and it is hand made production that should never be censored. We at Distrita will never censor but instead put (18*) on articles that can involve nudity.

Metropolis: Lux Obscura is a totally new game that found its home on many consoles, including the XBOX ONE from Microsoft. But they have a quite interesting approach. They ban you from XBOX LIVE if you take screenshots from the game. Is this a new stunt from Microsoft to get new users? I doubt that!

Microsoft is selling an adult game for XBOX users, but THEY will ban you if you take SCREENSHOTS

take screenshots from Metropolis: Lux Obscura
photosource: Steam – Drawing and art should be respected. Never censorship art, we think!

Lot’s of People banned from XBOX Live by artificial intelligence

Windows Central is where we got this new from, now reports that people who take screenshots or capture video of the game using the XBOX’s built-in recording feature are banned from Xbox Live by Microsoft. Fortunately for the affected, it seems that the exclusion is only temporary. Why did Microsoft ban it in first place?

Microsoft which is now more and more removing peoples privacy when using their operating system Windows 10. This company is now using artificial intelligence and algorithms to detect inappropriate content. It interferes with screenshots and video in “Metropolis: Lux Obscura”. Why do they even use it at all? Isn’t it up to the users to choose and not Microsoft? This company is getting more and more silly lately. Shocking!

The issues isn’t detected for Steam or Nintendo Switch users

Metropolis: Lux Obscura is also available on Steam and Nintendo Switch, and so far, no similar cases have been reported on the two platforms, Windows Central writes. But eShop for Nintendo Switch users do censor. Steam also censor, but not in the game. It seems as if it is okay to show blood and gore worldwide, but a bit nudity is bad to show? Distrita will never censor articles that is about movies, games or anything that includes nudity.

If a game or movie is rated 16+ or 18+ then all types of parents around the world should know what to say to those minors watching pictures in such articles. People should talk together. Parents should be parents and Internet should always be a media where you get the info from. Censorship edits the creators creation and that is no respect at all.



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