In this tiny nation called Mauritius, a new light rail tram service was brought into service. On the 10th of January 2020, the citizens of Mauritius’ biggest capital could finally use their new 13km long light rail route. But what’s interesting about these light rail trams from CAF is that the company will also deliver their new light rail trams to Lund in Sweden and Oslo in Norway.

With the launch of this service on Mauritius, it is interesting seeing how these CAF light rail tram-trains run in Mauritius. We got the details.

Flexible trams for all areas

Today light rail tram systems are becoming more important in cities around the globe, as they represent a mobility solution that helps reduce traffic congestion problems, offering passengers a fast, punctual and sustainable means of transport. This is what Mauritius has done. With the latest stats showing the increase of light rail tram service in Aarhus, Denmark. This tiny African nation needs to wait too. The passengers won’t come once the system have started to be operated. Because it takes time for the people to get used to it.

We love the design of Mauritius Light Rail trams

With their avant-garde design and flexibility the CAF trams give each city its own identity. In Mauritius, they look really stylish and the colors look fresh. These light rail trams are now operating on a tropical island and so it is adjusted to be run in such a climate. The new light rail trams for the new Mauritius Island light metro system are a sight for the eye.

This project included the supply of 18 Urbos units, the signaling system, automatic vehicle location system (AVLS), transit signal priority system (TSPS), and the depot equipment including a driving simulator. So now Mauritius got a system that is fully operational. Give it time. Give it some love.

All of the CAF light rail trams are low floor and have Saloon and cab air conditioning for having a comfortable journey. They also consist of 7 modules, thus offering the operator exceptional transit capacity. The units are designed to guarantee complete accessibility for all users. They have several areas restricted for use by persons with reduced mobility. People with strollers and wheelchairs will all have a pleasant journey too. Which shows that the government is thinking of its people.

Very stylish CAF light rail tram-trains in Mauritius

In 2021 the complete Light Rail route will be completed

The line will be 26 km long and have a total of 19 stations. It will also connect five major cities of Mauritius. These are Curepipe, Vacoas, Rose Hill, Quatre Bornes and the capital city, Port Louis. Distrita will for sure give you all the details about the complete opening of the line. For now, only a few stations are operated, but it is a start.

The inside of the CAF light rail trams on Mauritius in Africa

Many in the world think that cars and a bus system are much cheaper. In 10 years they won’t say the same thing. But the fact is that at any cost. A light rail tram can run for more than 10 years while a bus fleet is often changed each 4th or 6th year here in Europe. Also, the way Mauritius construction way of creating the tracks has done it in a very clever way. All of the tracks on the light rail line are separated from the car traffic. This reduces delays a lot and the track itself will hold for many years. Also by not building the tram tracks on asphalt. So, changing or doing repairs on the tracks doesn’t require removal of asphalt to do the repairs or improvements which is very time-consuming. And then when done, use the time to put the asphalt back?

Also by not using asphalt where the tracks are at all the light rail trams blow minimal dust around them which is great for the environment. This investment which many thinks is negative is really great. In the longer-term, it will help the airflow everywhere in this tiny African nation.


Source: Mauritius Light Rail info on CAF – Photo: CAF