The midi controller jacket is a fancy gadget jacket that will allow musicians to control and create music through sensors and body movements, produced by  Machina.  

Machina is a technology brand that merges fashion and technology in a practical and visually appealing way.

What is the midi controller jacket?

The midi controller jacket is a jacket that will allow musicians to control and create music through sensors and body movements.

The jacket has several sensors.

Three flexible sensors which can detect your finger’s position.

One accelerometer which can detect your arm’s acceleration


One flex sensor

A joystick

4 push buttons


All of these sensors and buttons can be configured by the user, but they come with presets and initial configurations.M

The sensors are invisible except for placeholders to make sure that the jacket can be used as a regular jacket.

It is currently in its last stage of development, finishing its last tests.  After it is finished, they will launch the project on Kickstarter around July 7th.


Where is the technology?


Currently, you have four lines of products:

•Products with embedded electronic technology.  These are products which have technology embeded in them.  thet have the Midi Jacket, which will be available on july in kickstarter.

•Products with ink and fabric technology.   All of our t-shirts have either thermochromic or photochromic ink.  The message on the t-shirt will change depending on sunlight and on body temperature.

•Products that revolve around gadgets.  They are developing a new methodology for the construction of some of our products, so that they adapt easier to our current lifestyle.  Our jeans are built out of 62 pieces, (instead of twelve) so that the adjust to your knee while sitting down, they maintain their shape in 3d, they are more comfortable, and look better.

•Products that interact with mobile devices.  They are working in having augmented reality with t-shirts.  It is currently under development.


Not everywhere yet

They are a multidisciplinary team.  Some live in Mexico, others in Pakistan, and others in Japan.
They will be selling in the Common People, a concept store located in Mexico City.  The address is Emilio Castelar #149, Col. Polanco, Mexico City, Mexico. In the future, hopefully more stores will open.

Wants collaboration

The vice director in Machina says that they are creating a strong community that will extend the functionality of their products beyond what they had in mind for them.  -We want that a lot of people will be able to replicate the immediate functionality of our products, but the true value will lie behind the extension that our community provides. All of our clothing will be modifiable and reproducible, and extendable, he says.

-We are selling and distributing kits that people can build upon and extend and going into profit sharing models with them” , he continues.

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