Former child star Lindsay Lohan has lost her lawsuit against GTA 5 publisher Take-Two, reports Business Insider. It was in 2014, that the actor warned legal insults against Take-Two since Lohan meant game company broke copyright law.

Busty lady in bikini Lawsuit
The reason for the lawsuit was that Lindsay Lohan meant that a promo poster and the fact that a lady similar to her is shown during Loading of GTA 5. Lohan said that the picture had to be based on an old photo of her and wanted financial compensation for her face and body that is used to sell the computer game thru the posters in 2014.

photosource / Rockstar Games
photosource / Rockstar Games | One of the GTA 5 posters showing the featured girl

Peace sign similarities
One of the main arguments of Lohan was a peace-sign that both she and the computer generated woman holds up in the picture. According Lohans lawyers had actor for years been photographed with forefinger and middle finger in the air.

Many uses the familiar peace symbol
The problem for Lindsay Lohans part was that she hardly was the first woman to use the relatively familiar peace symbol on photo. Lohan must also look defeated by Richard Nixon. Thus, the V-sign unsuitable as evidence that Take-Two had the photograph of her in mind when they signed promo poster.

Rejected lawsuit
It was a judging panel of five this week rejected Lohans lawsuits. The judges thought the resemblance between the actress and the woman from GTA posters were not large enough to establish that the game developers actually have based the character on Lindsay Lohan.

Freedom of speech
And whether similarities had been large enough in the court’s eyes, would Lohan probably lost the lawsuit anyway, according to the judges’ statement.
“This data game’s unique story, characters, dialogue and environment – combined with the player’s option to choose how to proceed in the game – makes for pure fiction and satire.” And both fiction and satire are protected under freedom of speech in America.

Final words…
GTA5 is one of worlds most popular “open world” games ever created. GTA stands for Grand Theft Auto and this release is the Fifth in the series. The game have always got criticism because of its violence, but the game also have much funnier and nicer sides. You can do almost anything in the game and just that makes it such nice game. You can drive, play tennis, go to bars or even take out a dog for a walk!
Just think of us that grew up with He-Man, Bravestar and Transformers cartoons! Or how about Wolfenstein 3D, Doom and Quake? We are alive and do behave. Bedore each of these game releases, there has been criticism about their violence. But! Don’t forget! It is really up to the parents how our children and teenagers will look at the world. Care and tell them about what is different between fiction and reality. Also children tend to understand these things much more than grownups.


The most importan part is to care about your kids and teenagers more, because all in all our newcomers needs our support and not tell them that this kinds of games is bad. Because they do educate a lot.

GTA 5 Reviewing Score
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One of the best open world games. Similar games to this is the Saints Row and Just Cause series. GTA is one of the oldest, but also one of the games with most details everywhere you go. Roads have proper design and there are less flaws than in Just Cause. Distrita just loves GTA. And the best of all! If you just get tired of killing, then you can even walk trips and take photos with your mobile! Play Tennis, Play Golf or just do mountainbiking! There is also light-rail lines in the game and so much to do and see beside the missions you do that this game puts all other games to shame. A violent but controlled and amazingly atmospheric game!



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