Lovely Love Doll from Japan. Looks realistic right?

Ever heard of these amazing Japanese love dolls? Hell yeah! These are actually life-like love dolls for those who are looking for a partner for love with a silicon doll or probably… an oversized sex toy.


So, ideas of robotics in Japan have been proven to be something quite in progress. Although, that none of those machines produced will be able to work properly. If you asked me on why am I exactly writing an article of a love doll, there’s more than what a love doll can do.

You see, I have seen how love-dolls are technically made. Yeah. they’re almost like having the same concept when it comes to making mannequins for the shops just to dress them up just like how you see them getting hanged at H&M New York Times Square branch. In all seriousness, I think these love-dolls are great materials to work with when it comes to robotics.

I am talking about using love dolls (there are male love dolls for the lonely women of course) with the current technology to make them move. I have read an article about using the same material to make a bionic robot in dentistry.

dentist material
Yes. This is a robot girl who happens to be a practice patient for dentistry. Looks pretty and creepy.

Robotics can be done if we have the right body to cramp all those stuff you need. If you’re a console gamer and remember the game (whether you hate it or not) entitled “Tekken”, in the series of the roster… You could see Alisa Bosconovitch there as one example of a pretty robot girl with concealed weapons.


But if such robots exist, oh yeah. I’ll be ready to buy myself  a robot girl or housemaid looking like this.

As long as it can understand english. (and not using the voice of Siri)

Well, if only Japanese robot inventors are that clever… making a girlfriend for someone else would be nice. If it is about a robot for women…. Oh well… Let’s see how things goes or else we might have a world similar to the anime movie called “Redline” or “Space Dandy”.


Or eventually… Mutated women or genetic engineered cat-girls.


Making robots are easy. But engineering to make them mimic on what humans should do… The technology is still in development. 20 years from now… We can see how much the world would look like but our future generations would be able to see it when they’re alive.

Images/Sources:  Diginfo , Virates