The United States of America President Donald Trump, will announce soon what he has decided on the nuclear deal with Iran. But what is the Irandeal all about, and what exactly is the problem? And what can the consequences be? We’re looking at this Now!

Donald Trump Tweet about Announcement Today on Twitter

Trump announced this early morning via Twitter that he will give an answer tonight on whether he is blowing up the nuclear agreement with Iran or not. The whole world is holding it’s breath, because the American president has clearly mentioned in the past that he does not like the current deal.

So, in this article we want to reveal what the Iranian deal is all about. So you know whats going on

1. What is the Irandeal all about?

The Irandeal was an agreement that his predecessor Barack Obama signed with Iran in 2015. This deal was worked for many years and it is immediately one of the most important diplomatic achievements of the Obama administration. But Donald Trump does not agree with it.

In short, the agreement says that Iran must drastically limit it’s nuclear program over the next ten years, so that they can’t make nuclear weapons. In exchange, the economic sanctions against the country were lifted. Iran closed the deal with the US, the UK, Russia, France, China, Germany and the EU.

2. What is the problem now with the Irandeal?

Well, simple: there is another American president at the helm. Donald Trump has repeatedly painted the Irandeal in the past as a failure and a poorly negotiated deal.

For example, Trump finds the ten-year term which will last until 2025 way too short and he thinks that the negotiated agreement is way too soft. He also accuses Iran of not keeping to the agreements and of sponsoring terrorism in the area. It also does not help that the deal is a Obama victory, which mr Trump dislike a lot.


Trump must now decide by May 12 whether he will sign the deal again. When the agreement was made, the Republicans were against it and they could ensure that the president must sign the agreement again every ninety days.

3. What are the options, and what can the consequences be?

For example, Trump may choose to temporarily make the reduced sanctions against Iran as a kind of lever for renegotiation. He can choose to sit around the table with the partners again and review the deal. Only we do not know what Trump wants, so that is a period of uncertainty. If Trump were to continue there on sanctions that have consequences for Europe, the Irandeal can still collapse.

The EU countries already want nothing to change. They think it is the best way to disarmament and they also see Iran as an important trading partner, whom they would rather not see disappearing with a view to the future.


Direction where mr Trump wants to go will make sure what kind of future the people in the region where Iran is will have. What will happen? TrumpNews.US puts all the news from everywhere onto one place so You know what kind of future mr Trump will give to You.

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