The political agenda in the west is now in a time, where my questions regarding if it was better with communism or not is sometimes giving me the questions. Stasi was the police force in the old DDR (old East-Germany state) that had the total control of peoples life. And that was years ahead of the times with Internet.

Stasi was called “Seal of the Ministry of State Security of the GDR”. They were formed on 8th of February 1950 and got dissolved on 13th of January 1990 when the world know wall called Berlin wall was demolished and destroyed. On that day the communists on Eastern Germany lost and the so much more democratic West Germany won resulting in a united Germany. This lasted for many years in the 1990s and until the end of 2008 when Internet and the communication on it started to get threatened.

Apple wanted more control over You with the launch of iPhone

Before the launch of iPhone, Apple couldn’t do much. Well, iPod went forward regarding personal music in your ears either as a bought iTunes album or your own MP3 song. However, these iPod  devices didn’t let Apple control its users yet totally. So, Apple had to come up with something that reminds a bit of Stasi way of controlling it’s DDR citizens.

When iPhone was out on 29th of June 2007, people didn’t knew what was coming. People got blinded by the design and iOS which looked amazingly stylish. People didn’t think that this was the start of companies demanding people to reveal much more about them than ever before. Apple really saw the big opportunity with the launch of iPhone, to get full control over it’s users. And so the lurking and snorkling of it’s users began.

App Store created the Illusion of Freedom for iPhone users

With the launch of App Store and iTunes Store. Apple got full control of it’s users. It wasn’t just the users that could decide what they could do or not on their own phone from the company, but also now. Apple managed to get full power to control which apps should come and not.

For many Apple fans, this was great news as they saw it as a nice security thing. However, for users with a mindset outside of the Apple and now also the Google mindset. We that saw this controlling mania happening. tried to warn the world thru the worldwide Pirate Party startups. When the first signals of that Apple rejected apps came to the fact that they remotely announced that they could remove apps from everyone’s phones without user permission. There was still time to help the world regarding this, but with Microsoft helping Google and Apple in allowing to get full control over users the world sort of died out. But still Apple sells millions and so will iPhone 8, which will be their newest phone in the series.

We at Distrita however recommends you to not get a Apple product if you don’t want to be controlled. If you want totally freedom we suggest you to get a BlackBerry OS 10 or a Sailfish OS phone before its too late. These operating systems is loosing their market share everyday because of iOS and Android full dominance. But if You care for the freedom of speech and usage. Then we recommend to try something else.


All of the other companies like Google, Microsoft and Apple tries to make your privacy weaker and weaker everyday. In the latest Windows 10 for example, Microsoft can remove apps from your HD on your home computer or laptop without permission from You. In the latest MacOSX version, Apple have created a user level which got even higher priority than your Super User account even. So, Apple can look into your system if they want to or if NSA needs to look at your content.

Privacy is also at a high stake when iPhone 8 will be out

If you care about the privacy of people and yours. Then do not fall for Apple’s awesome campaign to get you to buy their latest iPhone 8. But if you have given up your privacy and wants people like Stasi, NSA, FBI or your Politicians to know about you. Then buy this product.

It is all really Up To You! May The Force Be with Privacy Protection Always! We at wont recommend companies that are for freedom of speech and likes privacy to be held to not go on and do apple stock trading. Apple inc shares an ideology that is not healthy for the future of world wide web that was constructed on bases of peoples freedom. What we see regarding commercializing the net has just gone to far. Internet companies worldwide should be more open and stop this.


So, if you see Apple iPhone latest news. You might think again about buying. Maybe we can change your mind a bit regarding this. But maybe its to late to save freedom of speech and privacy on the net!? If you want to help out in the world, be part of your local Pirate Party and help the world heal itself. Its all up to you, but I just don’t want anyone to control what I should have installed or not on my own personal home computer. And neither do you! I am sure of it!

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