In this article we at Distrita takes you thru our best memories of the 1980s and 1990s. At some point, the openings to the different shows just became 3 seconds long it seems. Before that, the openings of the serials had nice music and a nice intro to what your about to see.

First we have shared the series openings and then cartoons. So, here is our list!

Serials in All categories

1. Knight Rider

2. Airwolf

3. Babylon 5

4. 21 Jump Street

5. Melrose Place

6. Sliders

7. Mac Gyver

8. Baywatch


Children and Cartoons

1. The Mysterious Cities of Gold

2. Shagma

3. Chip ‘N Dale

4. Diplodos


6. Transformers

7. Fraggle Rock

8. Gummi Bears

9. Bravestar


Our list is based on what we remember and what sort of openings that still wants us to watch 80s and 90s serials and cartoons. Every intro is taken from YouTube and we hope that some in this list is your favourite also. There is also other series, but these are those that we remember on the moment that this article was written.


For some reason, it seems that openings to series and cartoons these days are not so atmospheric and interesting. But some series like Game of Thrones and Skyland keeps on giving serials the little extra that is needed. Series that got too short openings in our opinion is LOST, Revolution and the latest Colony sci-fi/drama series. Feels like they just want to pump the viewer with the content without introducing you to in a good way.