For some days now, southern part of Norway have been getting heatwave temperatures. Our usual temperatures should be around 13C at this time of the year, but our temperatures have been unusual high! Yes, tonight the temperatures reached 26C in Oslo and its going to stay above 20C during daytime until Friday. Today I walked home from work to only sweat like I did everyday in Bandung, Indonesia. It was a nice little reminder. It only lasted for 2 hours, but man.. It was really nice.

But be prepared for Friday! Then the weather forecasts have predicted that the temperatures will fall between 10C and 15C! So even some of Norwegian mountains will even get some snow again. And you wonder why Norwegians loves to talk about the weather?

Stokmarknes - Marius Hov Lauritzen
Stokmarknes – Photo by Marius Hov Lauritzen

Huge differences between north and south Norway
While southern part of Norway have had lots of heat these days, the northern part have got quite different weather. That doesn’t need to be a negative thing, but the differences in temperatures here is a bit shocking in this time of year. As you see from the pictures that Distrita got today, the snow is still on the mountains in northern part of Norway.

Perfect Eurovision Song Contest weather
Many of the visitors of Eurovision Song Contest in Stockholm, Sweden is from southern part of Europe, Israel and Australia where temperatures like today is quite usual. Now Stockholm got quite nice weather like in Oslo as its almost on the very same level upnorth. Many enjoy this now and do so! But be prepared on Friday! The temperatures will drop a lot, so we at Distrita hopes that the visitors will not get flu or get sick. So prepare .

Remember to always check the weather if you are going to Scandinavia!