Apple's famous problem has made a comeback!
Apple’s famous problem has made a comeback! And yes, this was with the iOS 8 update.

Apple and their iOS problems should have gone away. Everyone has 99 problems but a bitch ain’t one you know. Except, iOS 8 has become one of those 99 problems in our daily life.

I did some tests with a broken iPhone 4S and yes, the result was very expecting. The iOS update via PC fails. My USB cable is well intact and internet is fine. I also did an update via WiFi on the phone… it seems fine.

Now, here’s a write-up of instructions on how to “safely” do the update without getting tears in your eyes.


How to update to iOS 8 (on PC):

– back up via iTunes on PC (not iCloud not unless you’re a rich fag)

– place the iPhone to DFU mode (use this:


(iREB instructions for placing the phone to DFU mode)
– download, extract, and run iREB-R7.exe
– click iPhone 4 (don’t ask. if you ask, you’re a jackass. This is regardless whether you have an iPhone 4S, 5, 5C, 5S).
– follow the instructions seen on the app
– and you’re now on DFU mode (if you do not follow them properly, start all over before you get pissed)

(two things: if you have downloaded the iOS 8 package via some website and you know how to use the offline itunes update method… then fine. If not, then let itunes download it for you but be sure you’re running the latest iTunes else you’re screwed).

– after putting the iPhone to DFU mode, restore with iTunes.


– after the restoration, follow on screen instructions and done.

– Enjoy crappy iOS Infinity.

PS: For those who forgot to backup or forgot their iTunes account… that’s your responsibility.

– What is iREB?
— it’s a jailbreak tool which boots your phone to DFU mode with instructions on screen.

– Does iREB jailbreak my Apple Device?
— No. Read my answer about iREB again.


– What if this was caused by a jailbreak?
— It wasn’t.

– How do I know you’re not an Apple fag?
— Because, I help people fix their shit up with an Android stuck inside the Apple as a worm! (#jotd)

– What happens if I forgot my iTunes account?
— Well, you can’t use it!

– What happenss if I forgot to backup my iPhone with iTunes on PC?
— Don’t ask me that!

– Can I update my phone via the internet instead rather than on the PC?
— You can. But if it fails… Good luck!


– Is my WiFi causing problems in updating my phone? (only for people who updates through their phone).
— No.

– Is my USB cable broken? (only for those who update through the PC)
— You will get an error code regarding it (example Code: 3149).

– I don’t want to update the iTunes on my PC because of blah blab blah! Any alternative?
— No. Just update iTunes and downgrade later by downloading old versions. They’re available on the net.


PS: You can try the same method with your iPad as well (if it applies) as well as with your iPod touch that supports the current iOS 8.


Alright! Good luck!


Photo credits to: Aldrin Baxa and Enydan Nilarde.