MyThemeShop Review
  • Selection of themes
  • Updates of themes
  • Design
  • Easy to customize
  • Stability
  • SEO-friendly
  • Customer Support
  • Tech Support
  • Price


It is very seldom we give 5 stars, but MyThemeShop really deserves it! They have a FANTASTIC support team that answer all our questions, even questions we didn’t expect them to know! The service is so fantastic so we would recommend them to anyone that needs help with their website to make it perfect. The themes are easy to customize, although we think they will be even easier in the future. MyThemeShop launch new themes every month, and we have full access to everything, even all their plugins.

We would recommend MyThemeShop strongly to all small and medium businesses out there that don’t want to spend a fortune on programmers, although the websites are looking really good and still are ranking good in SEO apps.

No matter if you are needing a wordpress website that has a good responsive design, e-commerce functions, design customization, content upload… We have been looking over the entire world wide web to find an easy way to create websites that not only look awesome, but also working out of the box, without needing any coding skills! You don’t need to be any web designer or programmer to create something unique, beautiful and perfect. If you are looking for a stylish  blog theme, they have a dozen of themes to choose from. If you want a new professional website for your business, we are sure you will find it as well. They offer also amazing e-commerce stores, customized for any niche shop, no matter if your store is local or global, selling clothes or fishing equipment, cars or travels! Their themes work for all kind of businesses, organizations or any private person’s need! And you don’t need to be technical at all to get a good looking website!


How to build up a wordpress website without having any knowledge of coding

We are proud to say we have been using MyThemeShop for 2 years now, and we are so satisfied with all wordpress websiteof their services so we recommend them to all our friends. As an independent magazine we needed a wordpress website that grabs our reader’s attention and engage our readers to be social, active and want to come back every day. We have seen positive results for the last 2 years and we are growing quickly, and we owe a big thank you to MyThemeShop! Our sites loads fast, are translatation-ready, Multisite-compatible and is compatible with latest Word-Press. But most important of all, it is beautifully designed! We think that MyThemeShop is indeed a powerful and fantastic resource for everybody that needs help to make money, and who doesn’t want that?


Super fast installation process

The installation process is really super smooth! They even have launched something called “One Button Install” which helps us to set up everything even easier than before. You can choose if you want to import just the Theme Options and Widgets or also the content including their PSD files. That way you can build your new website even faster, as you see how everything was meant to be. Just change the photos and text and you have already a success formula. You still have the flexibility to create your own customized pages, everything that you used to from WordPress… You get a website that already is SEO-optimized and customized for Ad-sense and all that stuff all websites must have today.wordpress website

How is their customer service?

Their customer support is an own chapter. We are blown away of how helpful all the tech guys at HelpDesk are. We have been upgraded pro members because we are very active in MyThemeShop‘s support forum. We really can’t anything about coding at all, and it is really handy to just ask them! Every time we have an issue with any theme or we need help with anything technical, we just send them a new topic and they answer within few hours. They give brilliant support advice and they never left us alone. There is no limit in number of requests, and you can ask them anything you want. In fact they provide more help than any other provider.

What does it cost?

16 themes on MyThemeShop are completely free. Their premium themes cost from 29-59$. But if you want to maximize the benefits, you should definitely check out their Extended Membership. Then you will have full access to 98 free WordPress Themes, 19 Premium Wordpress Plugins which you can use on unlimited websites and domains! All the themes are SEO-ready, Supports 3rd Party Plugins. We saw the investment of 87$ risk free as they even offered 30 days money back policy. Afterwards you pay 9 $ per month if you want to keep the free support, updates of your themes and free access to all the new launched themes. You don’t need to hire any 3rd party people to do the job for you, so this is probably the most affordable wordpress website offer on the web! You can try out MyThemeShop here.


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