This is a heart-warming story. It should be profitable to be a honest person, and this story is an evidence.

Sarah Darling from Kansas was devastated when she discovered that her engagement ring was gone. She takes it almost never of the finger, but when she discovered a rash on the finger, she took it off and put it in her wallet.

When she later walked past homeless Billy Ray Harris, she emptied the contents of the wallet collection up in his cup and went on. The next day she discovered what had happened.- It was terrible. It was worth so much more to me than the price of, says Darling to CNN about her engagement ring.

Billy, the honest and homeless guy
Billy, the honest and homeless guy

Desperate Sarah went back to the place where she saw Billy Ray last. But he was gone. The next day she tried again, and found him.

She asked him, “I do not know if you remember me, but I think I gave you something that means a lot to me.”
He said: ‘Was there a ring? Yes, I have taken care of it for you” who got her ring back to the homeless man.
He had the ring in over 48 hours, but he said it had not felt right to sell it.
To show his gratitude, Sarah and her husband, put a fundraiser for his new friend.
Donations and congratulations poured in from all over the world, and in the course of a week, the fund has raised almost $ 100,000, from 4,000 different donors.
Plans call for the campaign last for 90 days, and all money will be awarded Harris at the end of the period. There can be a lot of money, the story of the honest, homeless mannn course has gone around the world.

History has gone right home. Here are some of the reactions on the website of the Fund:

“What a heartwarming story about you taking care of the Darlings ring. You are a good man and you deserve everything you get!”
The Bakers “who gave $ 25 to Billy through the fund.


“Hope this helps”, writes Cynthia Yates, who donated 100 dollars.

“It gives me a smile that we still have some good, honest souls in this world,” writes Norwegian Cecilie, who has given $ 10.

“You get what you deserve in life. Billy, your actions, despite having difficult though, proves that there is much good in the world. You are a shining example. Warm regards from the other side of the pond “writes Chris and Mel from England. They gave $ 20.


“Billy, I have two kids that I try to give good value every day. Thank you and please know that you are a role model even in your difficult times! We admire your honesty and empathy, “writes Jane, Alen, Lewis and Elizabeth Brandman, who gave $ 18.

“I’m unemployed right now, but here’s some money for you :)” writes Preston and Nicole from Alaska
Sarah hopes the money can help Billy Ray to start a new life.

Distrita will also encourage you to support honest guys like Billy.

You can support Billy here.