Transport Fever Main Menu
Warning on Main menu of Transport Fever. I am pretty sure my ASUS uses GeForce GTX 950M graphics for this game. FPS and Graphics settings is on Full, so no Intel Graphics HD card is activated at all!

Ok! I am a really transport tycoon game lover. I have played various types since the dawn of time. Especially Transport Tycoon is one that I still even play sometimes as its released as OpenTTD. With that huge transport game expertice, I felt that I am quite suited for this review of Transport Fever, that was released on 8th of November for Mac and PC on Steam. With high expectations from Train Fever (Urban Games last game), I pull of Friday 11th and Saturday 12th of November testing Transport Fever a lot. Read On…

Train Fever all over again with More Features
If you played Train Fever, then you know what you get in Transport Fever. In this game your aim is to build transportation routes for passengers and cargo. Urban Games writes on Steam:

Transport Fever is railroad focused tycoon game. Players start in 1850 and build up a thriving transport company. As an emerging transport tycoon, the player constructs stations, airports, harbors and makes money by connecting areas requiring transport services. Build up your own Empire!

Problem with this statement, is that Transport Fever is infact just Train Fever 2.0 and not a totally new game like Urban Games announced before the release. They managed better graphics to the game, adding 2 new transportation alternatives like boats and airplanes and also added scenarios to the game itself. Also the games menus colour design have changed from white to blue, but the way you see everything is now actually worse also.

I just feel that this doesn’t require a name change! Urban Games seems to pretend something else than reality and this is very sad. Transport Fever got so much potential, but the developers or publisher pushing something that isn’t made is pretty frustrating. Train Fever is also available on Steam and its almost identic game. The very same graphic glitches is seen in both of the games as if the developers never cared about improving anything that is important for a game to look done and ready to be sold.

These words might be a bit harsh, but its a fact that this game now as its named Transport Fever should have been a really new game. It is not! The developers and publisher of this game pull strings everywhere possible, but what they release is not what I expected at all.

Transport Fever Tram trackmess
If only the tramtracks were made in same quality as the train tracks of the game. Then this street crossing would have seen much better, don’t you think? Train Fever got exactly same error, so Transport Fever developers haven’t done anything to this part of the game.

Still addictive as ever, with important improvements
Even with my harsh words. Transport Fever delivers still many hours of entertainment.

For a transport fan like myself, this game gives a lot. The details of the stations, locomotives, wagons and animations of people and cars is one of best. All of these have been improved since Train Fever, and it is really nice that its much easier to build roads over rails now. Making bridges is awesome and the addon feature of possibility of building rail tracks on the side of normal roads is a really nice feature also. Yes, this feature would really be an amazing feature if only the railroad tracks building mechanism in Transport Fever wasn’t that destroyed. Train Fever got this fixed after several patches during its period, but in Transport Fever this looks like its been moved back in time.


Glitches and Way slower engine than Train Fever
It’s really not fun to be so harsh to a game that my soul loves so much. There are so many glitches for such NEW GAME that they announced all year. I haven’t seen any sites or reviews putting questions to these developers and how they sort of have betrayed lots of gamers. Fans of such games (like myself) just pays for the game, because I hope to see improvements someday and if not. Then I feel that I’ve helped the game survive sort of.

The most noticeable glitches in the game is the badly rendred tramtracks on the streets. In the street crossings, you can simply see them overlapping each other and the design is totally faulty. The other ones is the lack of street lights, parking spaces for cars, roundabouts, ability to build real highways and manage to build road avenues with trams running in the middle.

Not only is the glitches a mess, but the fact that the whole engine is slower puts Transport Fever into a big nono corner! This engine might have some graphics adjustments here and there, but the playability is now much worse. Even on my ASUS i7 test machine the framerate is horrible slow! Look at Cities Skylines instead. It flies! With tons of MODs installed even. Train Fever was playable on my MacBook Pro machine with just Intel Graphics card settings at lowest, but now its simply not playable. The movement around on the map feels like its glued. Where did the beta testers go? Yes, I did apply on beeing a beta-tester for this game. But they refused to accept me. Maybe they were affraid of having someone actually reporting back and talking directly with the developers about whats good or not? I don’t mind that they choose someone else, but when I see this game today. I question the whole beta-testing thing? Is that even a serious thing?


Could be Way better music in Transport Fever
When playing such game, then music is essencial I would say. Train Fever had some really nice tracks even though they weren’t many. Transport Fever music choice is so depressing it kills my mind. The music listening mechanism that was nice in Train Fever is also taken away. Making me thinking what the heck did the developers do during beta testing time of this game?

Transport Fever No Production Error
I did choose a FREE GAME! But none of the factories got any production? Did I do something to trigger this? I never had this issue in Train Fever

Transport Fever could have been the Transport Tycoon 3D game. It does have potential and the developers showed that they were able to fix issues in Train Fever. It is really sad to publish such review about such game. I love these kind of games, but when Urban Games only changes the name and hopes that will give the game more users or even icome. Its just wrong! If you however love Urban, like I do. I hope they will wake up! Because they showed how it could be done with Train Fever! But Transport Fever is just worth our verdict. Sorry Urban, but we need a much better game! Can you?

Here, I’ve choosen to put reviews verdicts of both Transport Fever and Train Fever that is almost two identical games. However, we found differences!

Transport Fever
  • Graphics
  • Sound
  • Music
  • Gameplay
  • Playability

Transport Fever Conclusion

What if this game actually was beta-tested? What if everything was improved since Train Fever? What if this game actually gave everyone a totally New Experience? Then this game would have got a much better score for sure. This score is so totally right regarding every glitch and issue that this game got today. It seems like the game development team, got no communication whatsoever with any beta-tester out there. Transport Fever is in fact in a much worse state than Train Fever is, even with its additional improvements. I bought this because of support only. Cities Skylines also got its small glitches, but if we can compare. Then I prefer and recommend that game over this game until glitches and features has been added to Transport Fever. Because this game deserves so much better review, but I can’t do it better.

Train Fever
  • Graphics
  • Sound
  • Music
  • Gameplay
  • Playability

Train Fever Conclusion

This game was released on Steam in 2014. It had many bugs in the start, but as the updates came. Train Fever started to become a nice Transport Tycoon game for sure. To compare it with Transport Fever, it is actually better in almost all aspects except that it lacks boats and airplanes. These two games are almost identical, but Transport Fever actually manages to make it worse. Also Train Fever did have a nice music player, which Transport Fever lacks totally. I see many complaints about people getting annoyed by the music on YouTube etc. Just look back at Train Fever folks!!! You were on the right track, but now? …

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Test Machines
MacBook PRO i5 Retina with Intel Graphics HD 4000
ASUS X550J i7 Laptop with Nvidia GeForce GTX 950M