With agreement from Helge Kvalheim, Distrita gives you his view on Hyperion. A company that makes AmigaOS 4.x. He call his blogtitle Death Of Hyperion Entertainment, but at the same time gives some of his views about Amigas future.

It is with great sadness i’m telling the Amiga community that Hyperion Entertainment is official dead and gone. The company lost money and were forced to go bankrupt.

The real reason for why Hyperion Entertainment lost money, are actually two things. One is that they spent too much time and resources on supporting PowerPC as the main CPU platform. A platform the whole computer industry long abanded, in favour of a much more cost-effective, cheap and future-proof solution – x86 and ARM. A direction where even the rival MorphOS has decided to choose for the future, which is only wise to do.

The Amiga community remember him for being extremely controversial, writing a lot of bullshit on every possible Amiga sites, claiming MorphOS was illegal and was stealing the AmigaOS 3.1 source codes. From 2002 and even today, Ben Hermans couldn’t and still can’t prove MorphOS to be illegal, and soon MorphOS is ready to release the OS to x86!r reason is no surprise, which is about the crazy drunk Ben Hermans, alias Benjamin Hermans.

So what did Ben Hermans do? Well, he drank up all the Hyperion Entertainment’s money, which made the company loose money, forcing them into a bankrupt. Yes, it means Ben Hermans shows himself as a devil. The guilty man whom killed the company. The question now is: Who is going to save the future of AmigaOS?

A-EON might be Amiga’s only hope…

In the end of the darkness is a small, bright light. That light seem to be A-EON Technology. A company whom might be the only hope for the Amiga, and a company whom have managed to get great reportation and respect from both the community and several small Amiga companies. A-EON have delivered both hardwares and softwares to the community, and even gave a great punch to the face of Hyperion Entertainment, with A-EON’s own Workbench Enhancer Bundle. A very important bundle that was meant to be a great part of a critical update to the somewhat buggy AmigaOS 4.1 Final Edition. However, A-EON will be able to bring up Update 1 of AmigaOS 4.1 Final Edition to the community. Hyperion’s LAST work on AmigaOS before bankrupt. You might all wonder what will happen as Hyperion are bankrupt.

Thanks to A-EON, they will buy the remains of Hyperion Entertainment and take over all the AmigaOS rights to develop it further. There are hot rumours that A-EON are even willing to accept a great change of CPU direction, following the wise choice that Genesi are doing with their MorphOS. Better late than never, i have to say.

AmigaOS finally to go x86!!!

The biggest surprise is probably that even A-EON realize PowerPC is no longer the future, and want to be part of the entire computer industry, by going x86 and ARM. Interesting…

A-EON should have managed to contact Microsoft, Intel and AMD for certain, important x86 and ARM resources, and will start building the next AmigaOS, based on ideas from AmigaOS 4.2, and turn it into an x86 based AmigaOS in the first turn. This AmigaOS will be called AmigaOS 5.0, and will be based on state-of-the-art components of today. Like a fully supported Windows of today, but as a true AmigaOS. PowerPC legacy with old applications and games will be run in virtual emulation mode, sharing the idea of what Microsoft did with XBox 360 emulation in XBox One. The same brilliant idea. The x86 AmigaOS will be what we all are waiting for to run on ultra-cheap, ultra-standard PCs of today! The very best solution!

Again, A-EON impress greatly with their dedicated work to bring Amiga into the future. A thing Hyperion Entertainment failed to do for the past 5 years. Many see A-EON as the worthy successor of completing the work Hyperion used to do.


The future should be very interesting from now on. With Ben Hermans and Hyperion Entertainment gone, all faith lies into A-EON. God bless them.

News delivered by
Helge Kvalheim, Norway