Finally after 12 years of development. Gorky 17 is now out for AmigaOS 4. Hyperion Entertainment have been developing this game a lot, but because of the market and that some of the code was lost at a time. Gorky 17 is now finally out!

Gorky 17

Hyperion Entertainment is very pleased to announce the imminent release of the long awaited adventure/strategy/RPG crossover game Gorky 17 originally by Metropolis Software House for AmigaOS! After a long twelve years since its original announcement, the AmigaOS port of Gorky 17 became almost what was Duke Nukem Forever for the PC world. Yet, we made it in two years less

In order to ensure the highest possible quality, Hyperion Entertainment commissioned Frank Menzel and Thomas Claus, who are well known for their original games for AmigaOS 4 under the Entwickler-X label, to stabilize, optimize, enhance and last, not least, to finalize the AmigaOS port of Gorky 17. The result of their work speaks for itself and shows their high level of professionalism, which allows us now to rightfully claim that the AmigaOS port of Gorky 17 represents the best version of Gorky 17 released on any platform, ever!

Exclusive main features of the AmigaOS version

High resolution support by free choice of screenmode
English, German, Spanish (text & speech) and French (text only)
Mouse wheel support
Highly optimized game engine and video player

Minimum requirements

Amiga with 500MHz CPU or faster
256MB of memory
Graphics card (Warp3D compatibility recommended!)
700MB of free disk space
AmigaOS 4.1 Final Edition

Production is already in progress, all registered dealers got informed about the now available pre-orders and the official start of sales will be the week of October 19, 2015. Get in touch with your preferred dealer to place your personal pre-order!


But there is more to it! In cooporation with Alinea Computer, Hyperion Entertainment will celebrate 30 years of AmigaOS and the release of Gorky 17 by making Gorky 17’s pre-release debut at the Amiga 30th anniversary event in Neuss, Germany on October 10, 2015 in form of a strictly limited-amount of early bird units sold separately for 34,95 Euro SRP as well as part of a special fair-super-bundle consisting of:
Gorky 17 for AmigaOS
Gorky 17 poster
“powered by AmigaOS” t-shirt
“30th anniversary” sticker
“AmigaOS” notepad
… at a heavily discounted fair-price of 50,- Euro incl. VAT*) in contrary to the regular price of about 65,- Euro incl. VAT.

Hyperion also hope that you enjoy this fantastic news as much as we do and will stop by at their booths in Neuss on October 10