• Opened in 2019
  • 1 light rail line
  • Doesn’t reach the central station
  • Uses CAF made light rail trams
  • Runs from the city center to Gungahlin Place
  • All are low-floor

At around 243 km south of Sydney, you find the capital of Australia. Now they’ve got a totally new light rail system in 2019. Now it is more popular than ever, so public transportation will be adding 155 extra light rail services. It means more people travel green here which is very positive.

Today this service only exists of 1 line, but we really hope that this Australian capital will improve a lot with all areas of the city getting covered. Light Rail systems are very good for a city with about 380.000.

Canberra in population is alike European cities such as Bergen in Norway, Nantes in France, Porto in Portugal or Aarhus in Denmark.

Map showing the Canberra Light Rail route

The introduction of light rail service is something that Canberra should have done many years ago. Not just now. It seems like the politicians in Australia have been sleeping too much under the hot sun. It is a tragedy that these megacities in Australia, except for Melbourne have not seen towards Europe where light rail is doing very well.

Just take a look at Den Haag in the Netherlands, Karlsruhe in Germany or even the new light rail system in Nice, France on how to cover most of the cities with about 500.000 in population almost everywhere. But these are cities that all have more inhabitants than Canberra. There are also lots of cities in Europe with fewer people too. I bet that the politicians think that a busway is so much cheaper. But in reality, it is not if you think about the future for your citizens.

No reasons for leaving Hub connections out

All railway systems should connect to each other no matter what. So, it is a very great idea that it is also important to extend this light rail line to the main train station in Canberra. Also, expand it to every corner of the city.


In fact, all of the R lines on the official map that you can check out here are worthy to be converted to light rail service. The main city square should be reached. Or how about Canberra airport? Why isn’t it connected to the railway network at least? It is really terrible the way Australia treats its cities. It is a country that wants to be in Europe but isn’t. You even participate in Eurovision Song Contest now too.

How is it possible to encourage people to think of positive thoughts about light rail expansions? In Bergen, Norway the new light rail line there reaches the airport and the central train station. A light rail route is supposed to link important hubs in a city so that people can travel and also care about the environment that they travel in.

Not far from the central train station. Canberra light rail should connect it for sure

Light Rail Service since 2019 in Canberra

The Canberra Light Rail finally opened to the public on the 20th of April 2019. It is a modern light rail with the latest light rail trains running on not so old tracks at all. The entire route as it is today is a system with 13 stops and is in total 12 km in length.


It is very important that this city don’t just let this light rail go but expand it everywhere so all in Canberra can have a much better future. Light Rail is not only great for better speeds and capacity. It is a perfect way of getting all sorts of people’s dignity. People using wheelchairs or families using strollers or bikers that need a lift would benefit from having a light rail connection where they live.

On the 1st of March 2020. All of the public transportation in Luxembourg in Europe will be free. They do this to get rid of car traffic in a city where car traffic been the biggest issue in Europe. So they do drastic changes. For some Australian cities that would like to see it change too, it should be considered for a few months.

The fantastic CAF Urbos 3 is used in Canberra

All of the trams in Canberra are from CAF which is perfect light rail trains. It is the same company that has manufactured light rail tram-trains for Utrecht in the Netherlands, Port Louis in Mauritius and also soon in Lund, Sweden to name a few. They are very silent, got great engine and got lots of support. Many countries have chosen CAF and its nice to see that they deliver.

These types of light rail trains got an amazing design I think, and they got a great engine that gives a nice little speed kick feeling when they accelerate and stop. Oslo in Norway will also have a version too of them and they really seem to be really comfortable to ride. I have seen the design that they will have.

The CAF model is a Urbos 3 is the model that is used in Canberra. This stylish looking light rail tram-train got a very nice design to them looking like a real hybrid between a tram and a metro. The red color theme on them is also looking great. But why have the public transportation company already got full-sized ads on them? It’s not looking good! Destroys the image a bit. My friends in Australia that do study there tell me that advertising is a huge income thing. As long as it is not used on all of the light rail trains its ok.


Recommended destinations in Canberra

From the Australian War Memorial. Why isn’t the light rail reaching this area?

Explore the Remarkable Canberra

This is a city that offers a great diversity of attractions and experiences all within close proximity to accommodation and transport. There are things to do for solo travelers, couples, families, and groups. The nature in the capital of Australia is amazing and the size of the city is not huge like Melbourne or Sydney is. Canberra actually looks more European alike.

Canberra is an Australian city that has something to appeal to the curious, adventurous, foodie or explorer within us all. With the expansion of the light rail. All of the towns will be more accessible to all kinds of people. At the Australian National Collection, you can explore significant culture, art, and history throughout our museums, galleries, and archives. You can discover embassies, landmarks, markets, shopping, food, and wine in the town too.

Then throw in some recreational activities seeing the majestic lakes or explore fresh, natural surrounds including Tidbinbilla Nature Reserve and Corin Forest. Let these amazing looking light rail be built to reach places. Let people travel in a style that isn’t hurting anyone except for the time when the construction is going on. But all cities that have been building light rail have gone through this and today their life quality has increased a lot. Just look at the light rail tram network in Dublin, Ireland too. It is a success. They managed to reduce car usage by 30 percent in the areas near the light rail tram routes. Canberra will also see this change, but then the light rail needs to be extended. Save the planet by focusing on light rail.

Light Rail in Canberra Fare, Ticket and Price info

If traveling on the Light Rail you can purchase a cash ticket at the Ticket Vending Machines located on all light rail platforms. There is also a FREE transfer for 90 minutes for the cheapest single ticket price. However, the town does have a default fare that will be charged if users don’t tap off when leaving the public transportation they are using. Eligible passengers must carry proof of concession.

This is something that many cities in Europe also doing. But why is this done at all? In Oslo, Norway people just buy once and then tap. That’s it. By having such a system I also think that you force people into giving the public transportation company too much personal information that they really don’t need. It should be enough to just tap once when a person has bought a ticket. Why do you need to log people entering and leaving the light rail trains? Why? That’s scary.


I don’t know how it is in Canberra, but in Amsterdam when we visited the tap to check out system meant that lots of people get stuck together in the rush hours which delays the tram a lot. Why is Transport Canberra doing this to people traveling? One tap to activate the ticket should be enough!

For more vital information about the tickets and routes for other types of Public Transportation systems in Canberra such as buses and trains can be found on Transport Canberra site