If you plan grilling outside next week,… it can be a bit difficult. You should at least have a thick jacket on, warm cap, thick jeans and good shoes in Oslo, Norway. Because it won’t be warm! The local weather center reports that between Sunday 9th of January and Thursday 11th of January the temperatures will be swing between -11C and -17C. In higher areas of Oslo the temps might even reach -20C!

Ice cold next week in Oslo, Norway

Between Sunday and Thursday, the temps will not go above -11C. It means it will be ice cold, but most of Norwegians are used to this kind of weather and because of that it wont harm as many. The poor people will have a place to get heat when it is this cold too.

When its minimal with clouds on the sky, the temps drops a lot in the winter here up-north. The same ice cold weather will be felt in Sweden at the same attitude as Oslo. Though Stockholm will have more pleasant temperature of just around -6C.  Copenhagen -3C and Helsinki -2C. Iceland’s capital Reykjavik will have +3C at the same time. So, the variation of temperatures in the Nordic countries next week will be humongous between the capitals.

ice cold weather oslo jan 2018
photosource: – Next week will for sure become a cold week for many Europeans

Not just the Nordic countries will get Ice cold weather

The cold weather next week will also reach Russia, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Belarus, Ukraine, Poland, northern part of Germany and even Netherlands. Parts of higher parts in United Kingdom will also be affected. Here the temps will be between -4C and -7C at coldest days next week. So, be prepared. Buy extra clothes for the small ones and for yourself if you don’t have done that. Especially in Oslo, where the temps might reach -20C even,… you should and must wear a warm cap or else it can harm your mind if it gets too cold. Also try to prevent drinking alcohol as it gives you an illusion of a different temperature than it is in reality.