Distrita team couldn’t be at Gamescom 2016 in Cologne itself, but thru our partners at AmigaTec and AMIworx we sort of felt that we were there also giving you article describing Gamescom 2016 Amiga Racer Bitz and Bytez Review. Here is our first small report from Amiga Racer stand that got quite attention at the show. Interesting to see so many interested in Amiga Racer. Now you should check our Amiga Racer Support page on, download and even buy the game on AmigaTec Online Shop.


Amiga Racer author revealed this on his Facebook “it was very exhausting the whole week there as an exhibitor to have been on the ground, but it has to be at least as much fun. The feedback was unique – there are almost 7000 people to play my game and thousands were completely blown away, that it is now also for modern platforms. Over 4000 people found it absolute top and made this with a photo also showed. No matter whether young or old – there was awesome positive feedback! Over 500 video recessions where people express themselves to the game. All the feedback is far too much in order to post this here – I will create a video. In advance, but a couple of pictures of absolutely happy people” Michael St Neitzel

Seems like Amiga Racer is getting the publicity it needs to rise and become a game that both young and old will love to play on all of its supported operating systems.

Here are some photos from the Amiga Racer booth at Gamescom 2016

photosource AmigaTec | Amiga fun at the stage
photosource AmigaTec | Petro from ex-Amiga Technologies also loves Amiga Racer
photosource AmigaTec | Petro from ex-Amiga Technologies also loves Amiga Racer


photosource AmigaTec | Amiga Racer gaming at Gamescom 2016


photosource AmigaTec | Females also loves Amiga Racer. Soon everyone can play Amiga Racer over the net also




photosource AmigaTec | Amiga Racer arcade machine!? Yes it was at Gamescom 2016 also
photosource AmigaTec | So many interesting people… Yet, those kids in background having even more fun playing Amiga Racer
photosource AmigaTec | Happy Amiga Racer arcade machine tester together with Michael at the event
photosource AmigaTec | Trio with a nice paper saying “I Love Amiga Racer” in German at the Amiga Racer stand
photosource AmigaTec | More Amiga Racer lovers here

Play Amiga Racer today!
Amiga Racer can be downloaded for MorphOS, AmigaOS 4.x, Linux, MacOSX, Windows and Raspbian. On the very same CD, you find all of the versions. Just copy the version you need and start playing. It is really fun to see Michael showing so much activity at his stand and may Amiga Racer be a game that puts everyone dream back to reality. Also Distrita team must say a big thank to AmigaTec for letting us share Amiga Racer stand pictures on Distrita. It is really nice to see how the German Amiga market is starting to expand even if the market is tough. Then I always think, its very nice to see Amiga Racer released for so many platforms. It does something with your own Amiga spirit to see people moving the Amiga software market forward.

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