photosource: morphzone – Iris look looks really mature and modern. Great work

Lot’s of great news for PowerPC Mac, AmigaONE, Pegasos and Efika users with MorphOS 3.10 installed starts to happen. Iris is one of them. A totally new e-mail client for MorphOS that is now out as Public Beta Release. Fantastic News! This is something that MorphOS really needed.

MorphOS is becoming a Mature PowerPC operating system

Jacek Piszczek aka jacadcaps, which is a member of the MorphOS Team and is Polish, has released an early beta version of Iris, which will become the MorphOS standard email client in the future.

Iris e-mail app for MorphOS 3.10 now supports IMAP as well as viewing and writing HTML eMails with pictures and different fonts in them.

photosource: morphzone – The looks of MorphOS and Iris is really nice to look at

Now it is time for You to beta test Iris and give the developers Feedback

The future default email client for MorphOS will be Iris when all bugs have been reported have been fixed. Iris has just entered it’s public beta testing phase. You can download it from MorphOS Team website.

Iris has been written specifically for MorphOS and utilizes the latest features introduced by the newly released MorphOS 3.10. The program is an IMAP-centered email client that supports OAuth2 for GMail as well as Moreover, it enables to both display and compose rich HTML emails that feature embedded images and custom styles.

Please note that this is still an early beta version and may contain bugs. For questions and help, please refer to the Iris blog on MorphZone.

By giving MorphOS users a new e-mail client. It now seems as if the MorphOS Team starts to understand how important it is to be active and alive. It is nice to see their site giving information like this.

Maybe MorphOS Team now turns MorphOS into a mature PowerPC nextgen AmigaOS compatible operating system. For once there is a positive movement in many months and even years.