There is lots of different transportation options if you want to go from the Bergen Airport to the city center of Bergen or the other way. But the cheapest and best way to do so is by taking the light rail which is named as bybanen. The route is a bit longer than with the bus, but its also much more affordable and even more comfortable as all of the light rail trains are low floor so it is easy for all kinds of people to travel with the light rail trains in Bergen.

The Bergen Airport to city center route

Bybanen is at the moment only 1 line but in the very near future the network will have 2 lines. Also more lines is in discussion at the moment too, so Bergen is really expanding their transit options available. 

Line 1 now runs from the Bergen Airport directly into the city center. So when this train arrives at the final stop it means that it is in Bergen center. From here you can take the only trolleybus line in Norway or some of the other buses. At Nonneseter just before the final stop you also reach the cenral train station in Bergen. From here you can take the train to Voss, Larvik or even all the way to Oslo. It is a worthy train trip for sure.

On the route between the Bergen Airport and the Bergn city center you find 27 stations. All of them are low floor accessible. They are compatible for people with strollers or for those that uses wheelchair. All of the stations got digital information showing when the next train is coming which is very handy. All of the stations also got ticket machines where you can purchase them there.

Where to Buy or Get the Tickets for Bergen Light Rail

Here are the choices for where you can buy tickets for be used with the Bergen Light Rail, bus and even with Vy (NSB) trains in certain sections. So here is our important info that you should know:

Skyss Ticket App
This app can be downloaded from Apple Store if you have a iOS product such as iPhone or iPad available. Google Play is another app for Android phones. Download and install this. With it you can purchase tickets without issues at all. 

With the 30-day ticket bus / train you can travel as much as you want by bus, Bybanen and even with the trains that runs between Bergen and Voss. You can choose for yourself if you want to take a bus or train on the routes wherever possible.


The 30-day bus / train ticket is an impersonal ticket and can be used by others, but it can only benefit one person at a time. However, the person using the ticket must meet age and discount requirements. 30-day ticket bus / train debt for adult, student (up to 29 years) and children.

Ticket vending machines at the stations
You find them on all of the stations that the Bergen Light Rail use and at the main hub bus stations. Here you can buy all sorts of tickets that you need for the area that Skyss operates in. See the prices on their website here as they are changed from time to time. 

Also you can get the tickets at Kiosk and shop, Skyss Customer center, some Vy stations and at the Tourist information in Haugesund. 

Bergen Light Rail
Bergen Light Rail

Most Affordable tip for People visting Bergen

All of the single tickets that you buy for a Skyss service will be valid for 90 minutes within a zone, and valid for an additional 30 minutes for each additional zone you pay for. The ticket is valid as long as you go on the means of transport before the ticket expires, but if you have to change the means of transport along the way, you must buy a new ticket if it has expired before you go on the new means of transport.

If you are going to cross a zone boundary, the ticket becomes the animals according to many boundaries you cross. The maximum price for a single ticket will be four zones, and three for the period tickets.

Here are the current prices for single tickets

  • One zone: 38 kr (3.82 Euro)
  • Two zones: 59 kr (5.94 Euro)
  • Three zones: 100 kr (10.06 Euro)
  • Four-seven zones: NOK 141 (14.19 Euro)

If you are in Bergen for just a few hours. The one zone ticket is the most affordable. But if you are going to stay for 1-2 days we recommend a day ticket. Just do check the prices here always as they might change.

With this. Distrita is inviting you for a pleasant stay in Norways second largest city that is in fact worlds most wettest city in the world. 


Bergen Light Rail FAQ

What does it cost to travel from Bergen Airport to city center?

Let the Bergen light rail take you to the city center for just 3.82 Euro! It is the most affordable way to get to the city center.

Where is the Bergen Light Rail stop located at the Bergen Airport?

You can’t miss it. It’s actually underground. Just follow the signs to the station.

Is the Bergen Light Rail wheelchair compatible?

Yes. All of the trains are wheelchair compatible.

How fast does it take from Bergen Airport to city center with the Light Rail?

Without any interruptions. This trip should take 45 minutes but the trip feels much faster as the line goes through many tunnels.

Whats the max weight of luggage that you can take with you on the Bergen Light Rail?

For each ticket. The max weight is 20kg. The luggage must be positioned so that it does not embarrass other travelers or impede boarding and disembarking. You can also freely bring a stroller, wheelchair, dog, ski and the like if space is available.


Where do I go if I am missing something at Bergen Light Rail?

Try to make sure that you get all of your stuff with you when leaving. However. People do lose mobiles, keys or even luggage when they are stressed. Lost property for Bergen of the Bergen Light Rail route in the surrounding area is stored at the Bergen bus station.

If you think you’ve lost something on Bergen Light Rail, then you can call +47 477 03 314  

For other transit options in Bergen such as the bus routes in the area. Then the items are hidden on the bus. Please remember the bus line at any cost. This will help the company finding the item much quicker.

What sort of rights do I have if the Bergen Light Rail is delayed?

If you can’t reach your destination after 20 minutes of waiting. You can use TAXI instead. Then Skyss will refund 550 NOK on the bill you’ve paid.

20 minutes delayed on trips under 1 hour, up to NOK 550
40 minutes delayed on trips between 1 and 3 hours, up to NOK 825
60 minutes delayed on trips over 3 hours, up to 1100 NOK

For more information regarding this. Please do check the info here.

For more information. Please do check out! This is the company that is responsible for the tickets in the area. Also if you are interested in the Bergen Light Rail aka Bybanen, you can then check out