In 2016 the author of Icelandic monitor Newspaper did something that changed the free the nipple part on Iceland. At that time the author asked her female students to not shave anything below their necks for 10 weeks.

She also demanded that the male students had to remove all body hair from the neck down for ten weeks. Participants had to keep journals about their feelings about this. She did this to find out how shameful her student would feel or not.

Women felt shameful and Very Negative

The young women felt shameful and very negative as a result of the study. Their boyfriends and girlfriends found the hair disgusting.

The young men were fairly unfazed by the experiment, just thought the ritual of having to shave annoying but that was about it.”

#Freethenipple and #metoo Campaigns changed Things for the Better

Jóhannsdóttir says that she feels that a lot has changed in the years 2012 to 2016 including the #freethenipple revoluton and the #metoo movement and that things are looking positive.

“These young people are defying conventions and pushing norms, but not all norms, like body hair for example. But they are thinking about all of these things.”

Free The Nipple Movement on Iceland

Young women on Iceland flocked to the streets working with no clothes because of Free The Nipple movement

Young women’s frustration with the patriarchy broke out with the #freethenipple movement in 2015. Women flocked to the streets and even to work with bare chests or no bras.

They are very into getting their words out on Iceland, which is great for this movement and liberal understanding that both men and women should be able walking naked if they want to. No one should control or say what you can do or not in the public. If men can walk around topless when its hot, women should be able to do it. On Iceland they move this discussion forward which many other countries lacks totally.


“Although i put “Equal rights paradise” in inverted commas we are of course fairly advanced in many aspects here in Iceland. Feminism is often a media topic and it enters into public strategy. We have a lot of femocrats in public administration who are influential.”

Iceland is one of worlds most liberal countries. They are one of the most advanced and liberal thinking countries. A country with almost no violence also shows how it should be done and the fact that the media in the country brings this topic into the light is really powerful.  When the tolerance about who we are is a fact, then the world can free themselves. But some countries is simply stuck in 1930’s thinking still. You can for sure say that Iceland is one of the very few countries actually living in 2018 standards.