There are lots of regimes around the world that don’t like criticism. They are acting like children that cant listen to their parents about what’s wrong or not. Kylie Moore-Gilbert has been in prison for 705 days now. That needs to end now! She is an Australian student that is now getting help from friends and colleagues in an attempt of getting her home sooner.

It is very important for Distrita to support people like Kylie Moore-Gilbert through the #KylieIsUs campaign as we are free blog magazine. Iran must listen now!

The Iran’s Revolutionary Guard reported her as suspicious for unknown reason back in 2018. It all began with Kylie Moore-Gilbert that boarded a flight to Iran in August 2018 to attend a conference to do a few research interviews. After the 3 weeks in Iran she was going back to Melbourne. However, Iran’s Revolutionary Guard stopped her.

Since then she’s been secretly tried and convicted of espionage and is facing a 10-year prison sentence in Iranian prisons. Those prisons are not good, yet she is treated ok according to the Australian Embassy in Iran.

For 705 days she been in Iran’s prison!

It’s been 705 days since Kylie was arrested. Its been reported that the British-Australian dual national’s friends and colleagues are tired of waiting for the “quiet diplomacy” of the Australian government to secure her release. It seems like Australia is afraid of showing muscles and save its own people which is not good at all. Deakin University in Melbourne should have done much more to try release here, but instead, this chase been going on and on without any solution to her situation at all.

Iran is not the country that it was back in the 1970’s

Letters that are smuggled out of Tehran’s notorious Evin Prison earlier this year “sent a really clear message that Kylie felt she was abandoned and she wanted more to be done for her,” Deakin University research fellow Dara Conduit told

Why are Deakin University and the Australian government keeping her there? How can a student be a spy? Didn’t he just do her job for Deakin University? It seems to me like she is now a tool for difficult negotiations between Australia and Iran. And so she is just kept in the prison. How can the Australian government just let this go on? Why haven’t the international media taken this chase further to solve it?


This is for sure a dispute between Australia and Iran. She just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time and Iran took her hostage as a useful tool to get Australia to do what it wants. She says clearly that she is not a spy:

“Please accept this letter as an official and definitive rejection of your offer to me to work with the intelligence branch of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps,” she wrote in letters to authorities seen by the Guardian.

“I am not a spy. I have never been a spy and I have no interest to work for a spying organisation in any country,” she said.

I am posting this so that more people around the world are aware that Kylie is kept alive tortured by the Iranian government which should be held responsible for her totally. Australia’s ambassador to Iran, Lyndall Sachs, visited Qarchak earlier this month and reported that Kylie was “well and has access to food, medical facilities and books” according to a statement from the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade.

Even she is doing fine. Australia needs to wake up! This cannot continue!