For many, many years. AmIRC have been the king of IRC clients. It is one of the best graphical IRC clients on any platform. Even the X-Chat IRC client have taken the design from it (author have even stated this on his webpage). You can get it for many operating systems like Linux, OSX and Windows. So, whats up with MomosIRC. Can it give AmIRC competition on MorphOS?

MomosIRC for MorphOS
MomosIRC -: The design is clean and settings is easy to understand

IRC is hot in the Amigascene
Even now in 2016, many Amigans keeps chatting on varrious IRC servers as the bigger social medias like Facebook and Google+ isnt available for most of Amigans. MorphOS however is a next-gen AmigaOS operating system that got enough power to show social media, but most of MorphOS users are also big time IRC users also.

Ever since the birth of IRC, this chat media have been heavily used by Amigans. Now in 2016 there are much less people on IRC, but the various Amiga channels on IRC are still active, which is a good thing. So trying out MomosIRC was a must thing to do for me. Read on!..

MomosIRC for MorphOS
MomosIRC -: Many betatesters makes this a better product in the end. This IRC client is getting better and better.

MomosIRC is getting There
Marian Guc, Konrad Czuba and the beta-testers have done a very good job. At first this IRC client looks just like a AmIRC alike IRC client, but when you start to use the client you understand quite fast that it got features that AmIRC still have yet to implement.

These features are!
– Multiply server connection in the same window (same as in Wookiechat)
– Multiply server info table area
– Answer 2 people at the same time function!

MomosIRC for MorphOS
MomosIRC -: Yes! In this IRC client, you can chat with 2 people at once. Its a nice new feature that I’ve never seen in a IRC client before

Not done yet
MomosIRC aint finished yet. There are bugs and the IRC client can freeze when not expected. I still havent found out how to turn on timestamp or the fact that URL links shown cannot be clicked on like in AmIRC. DCC File Transfer protocol is also missing, but the author have told Distrita that MomosIRC is getting updates, but he cant say any date or time as he have many personal things to do.

So, if you got a MorphOS compatible machine, then you should try out MomosIRC. The interface and the program itself is nice and you can customize it as you wish as MUI4 for MorphOS got plenty of design options for buttons, sliders and anything regarding the programs MUI window or screen.


Download Area
MomosIRC for MorphOS: Download from