This sounds a very sponsored article but it is not. But I really think that the Norwegian TV2 deserves this. A private tv channel in Norway that got too much we think. So because of this, it is nice to see them lose Premier League rights in Norway in this amazing press release.

Premier League was the reason for TV2 to increase their prices on their premium services! Also, TV2 cheats with Norwegian users. So, even though you pay for their premium TV channels you also get commercials on them. But NENT which owns the rights to the Norwegian Viasat TV channels is MUCH better at creating great TV than TV2. Viasat seems to be in a totally different league when it comes to doing TV all in all.

Viasat Premium channels got MINIMAL with commercials

All of the TV2 Sports channels got a subscription fee + they also broadcast commercials. But the Viasat Sports channels are only having maybe 1 or 2 commercials depending on what they are broadcasting. In the breaks of longer Live events from the USA with lots of commercial breaks, they don’t put anything in them as usual but TV2 puts commercials everywhere they can.

Finally! Premier League will be shown on the Viasat platform from 2022. It is still a bit time until then, so TV2 Sports channels will broadcast a lot still. Distrita Sports got this news so we had to report on this as we found it in this press release.

Not only Norway! NENT Group acquires exclusive rights to Premier League also in Sweden, Denmark, and Finland from 2022 to 2028

This is the most positive news in a long time for the media here in the Nordics. Finally, the company that knows how to do sports programs gets the rights. Out is TV2 Norway for good. A channel that is not made for sports at all. The channel simply doesn’t know how to do sports at all.

I am not so interested in watching sports but when I do watch American football I always watch it on Viasat channels. Same for Handball which I’ve seen because Norway did great matches. I love watching Viasat and how they make the commercial breaks more compatible. TV2 tends to just put commercials as they want. It makes me swap to another TV channel. They annoy me and many viewers a lot.

Just look at the comments regarding the swap says

I like football but am not willing to let myself be exploited by the greedy. So then I will not be involved in sponsoring this culture of greed. Its nice to see it swap to someone that are less greedy.

Very happy with Viaplay’s coverage of the Bundesliga. Think this can be good.

This was a bit sad as the broadcasts on tv2 have been very good, but what I hope and believe is that the product can now be cheaper, as the impact field for the whole Nordic region, a much greater potential for more customers, so the product should be significantly cheaper than it it is today.

Let’s hope that viewers in the Nordics will see lower prices because of a much wider audience. Let soccer people have it all with better experience all in all. International soccer like this should never be owned by a local private tv channel. It is simply no good!


We don’t know how Viasat will do it when they will have the rights from 2022. But we know from earlier experiences watching them that they know their field in sports broadcast.

So, what do you think about this movie for the Nordic countries? If more people can watch football it is really positive and if the prices can be better for pubs and other services then it will be great. When visiting the Nordic countries you will from 2022 see Viasat channels on the big screens while drinking or having a nice hangout with friends at sports bars here.

The TV2 logo and style don’t fit anywhere when it comes to Football. It seems like TV2 Norway has lost some of the finest designers as they were much better 12 years ago. Viasat feels more correct and then we will see if Viasat can prove this being a worthy statement in 2022 too.


Congratulations to the NENT group. Finally! Now you must deliver. It is all on you now.

Source: MTG Press Release