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Anyway. The news these week have been about FIFA’s president Blatter resignation as president for one of worlds most corrupted organizations ever!? Many have stated in the past,.. especially the media here in Norway. They simply don’t know who they were paying. Shouldn’t this have been taken seriouselly by all of the TV stations paying FIFA a lot? How could the world go on without noticing this corruption?

Here is some quotes from what the different FIFA sponsors have said about Blatters stepdown!

Coca Cola says

– We respect Mr. Blatter’s decision. This is a positive step for the sport, for football and for fans. We believe this decision will help FIFA to make the necessary changes towards a structure and an institution in the 21st century.

Adidas says

– We welcome FIFA’s desire for change. Resignation of Sepp Blatter marks a step in the right direction for FIFA.

Visa says

– This is an important step to get the renewed confidence of the public, but there still remains work. Openness, honesty and fair-play should be a hallmark of the new administration.

McDonalds says

– Accusations of corruption and questionable ethics in FIFA has hurt the game and pushed away the athletes and fans. We hope the changes that you are about to undertake central organization is a first, important step in the reform of the organization and that the world regains confidence in FIFA.

Hyundai says

– News of Sepp Blatter’s departure is a first positive step towards a government that guarantees higher ethical standards. We still have a certain desire to support the world’s commitment to football.

On June 2nd, FIFA President Blatter announced at a press conference in Zurich that he will lay down his mandate at an extraordinary elective Congress. Until that election, he continues to carry out his functions. The FIFA President also announced a significant reform programme to be driven by Domenico Scala, the Independent Chairman of our Audit and Compliance Committee.

Watch the Press video here