Zeewolf 2 still entertains

This classic machine from 1992, have magic wings. Individual Computeres released Indivision AGAmk2 with DVI connector. This means that if you still got an Amiga 1200, you are now able to show up to 1280×720 which is quite amazing for a machine from 1992.

The only negative side of Indivision AGAmk2 for Amiga 1200, is the old AGA chip which prevents to show several colours at once in AmigaOS, but for games its not the same. Amiga games can show several colours and mix them.

Amiga 1200 showin 1280×720 on my 720p LCD TV

As you can see. The AmigaOS 3.1 can show 1280×720. I have used my 720p HD tv from LG as an example. When playing games, Indivision AGAmk2 makes sure that the DVI/HDMI screen you use will show PAL modes as 90% of all Amiga games is made for Amiga’s standard PAL mode. Distrita suggest you to try games like Giana Sisters, Superfrog, Xtreme Racing, Zeewolf 2, Super Stardust and many, many other Amiga AGA gaming titles. With WHDload installed and registered, you can also have almost any Amiga game on your HD!

aos30_720xp aos30_720p amigaos31_720p

The quality is really great. I hope that my camera shows the quality. The AmigaOS Newicons addon to AmigaOS makes the icons also look better. If you got a LCD monitor with much higher resolution, the Indivision AGAmk2 makes sure that AmigaOS screen looks nice. So any monitor with DVI/HDMI connector will work fine. For connecting the Amiga 1200 to a HDMI monitor, you need a adapter from DVI to HDMI. But any electronic shop today should have this available. You can also get a DVI to VGA adapter and then use an old VGA monitor (don’t waste technology that works).

Giana Sisters on a LCD TV

Where to get Indivision AGAmk2 for Amiga 1200?

You can get it from:
Amigakit -I have linked directly to the product
Vesalia in Germany -I have linked directly to the product