Tristan Harris, which is a former Google employee reveals that most of social media sites uses trick to make you Addicted. Especially Facebook uses this old trick of including casino industry tricks to make us dependent on their products. Facebook as a social media site depends on it, while people doesn’t know much about this. So, Distrita wants to educate even more about it. Maybe you don’t need to think about this, but Facebook does things in the background that you should know about. Read on…

News feeds on Facebook is Designed to make you addicted

It was during one of world’s most famous CBS programs ever made, that Harris revealed on 60 Minutes that information many of us already have had a feeling about that the companies have speculated in, namely that the methods that get us to check Facebook many times a day. They are far from randomly selected, but their Casino game trick is used to make you and me addicted.

“They shape our thoughts and feel read and how people act. The programmer people. There are books on how to avail techniques that get you to use the product as long as possible”

“Every time I use the phone, I play in a way with a one-armed-bandit, what I’m going to see now?”, Harris explains in the 60 Minutes article

Twitter uses this thru their Followers System

Facebooks competitor Twitter uses a system that tells you how many followers are following you he says, while Snapchat gives the user a score based on how active you are with the app:

snapchat is the most popular app for teens,” he emphasizes.

Harris believes “streaks” method snapchat use to give points when holding a conversation going, simply makes teens so dependent on they provide user information to friends so the person does not lose points when he or she is on vacation.

He also believes that apps like this manages to destroy personal relationships that it creates a world we do not really want to live in.

“We did not end up feel good, when we use all this in this way. Are your products made to be the best, or to make us addicted? “.

And it’s not because anyone is evil or has bad intentions. It’s because the game is getting attention at all costs. And the problem is it becomes this race to the bottom of the brainstem, where if I go lower on the brainstem to get you, you know, using my product, I win. But it doesn’t end up in the world we want to live in. We don’t end up feeling good about how we’re using all this stuff.

So, if we want to get our lifes back as it was. We need to stop using social media, but in our time when all is hooked onto it that seems to be nearly impossible. Social Media makes you and me addicted and these companies uses tricks from Casino life. Interesting…!



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