With the horrible attack in Manchester, all of the media is fully focused on whats going on there. But many forgets that more horrible attacks also happens other places. Today, this happened near a bus station in east Jakarta, Indonesia.

Yet another Suicide bombing attack

Next to the Transjakarta bus terminal in Kampung Melayu district. Two explotions hit it at 9pm local time on Wednesday according to The Jakarta Post.

Human body parts — including a severed head — and shattered glass were strewn across the road following the attack, which happened as police were helping to secure a parade by a local group.


AFP news agency on YouTube showing info about the attack

No info about the suicide bomber in Jakarta, Indonesia still

Still at this time of writing about the bomber, there is no clear info about who did this cruel suicide bomb blast. What we know is that 2 is dead and several people were hit by the blast. Five police officers and five civilians were injured is the latest.

It was not clear who was behind the attack but Indonesia, the world’s most populous Muslim-majority country, has been on high alert after a string of plots and attacks in recent times by militants inspired by Islamic State.

So! Not only United Kingdom, France, Sweden or even USA have the issues with suicide bombers. Whatever the reason was in this case, it’s not good. No one should get involved in such actions. It is cruel and lack of respect for peoples opinions about things.

The Jakarta Post
AFP news on YouTube