Do you think that you are safe when buying smart devices? Well, the truth is that most of those devices will be broken in the end. So, you could say that smart devices aren’t that smart as the sellers want you to think that they are. They are just smart at the point of buying them. But once any of the smart device makers decides to shut down their servers or updates. Your product is out of sudden worthless. You can’t even sell it.

With HiFi Stereo systems that got mini-jacks and analog choices, you will be able to keep them for a long time. There are HiFi systems from the 70s, 80s, and 90s that still works today. It is a smart thing to buy them if you are smart. Then, later on, you can sell it without having to fear the loss of support. Any smart device without any mini-jack or USB connector that only connects between its devices is at risk for becoming worthless anytime soon when companies such as Sonos, Logitech, Microsoft, etc choose to disconnect their devices from updates.

This Sono Play 1 device will become obsolete one day

Sonos is the worst one today

When the recycle mode can brick the devices to be obsolete. They give a quite dumb reason for bricking older devices. It was fixed in May 2019 but still many users got their systems bricked for no reason whatsoever. This also goes for the Sonos products that IKEA sells. Don’t ever think that you buy it for keeping it alive for the rest of your life. Forget that.

When any smart device company thinks that one of their product eras is over they brick the products so people will buy their newer products. It is really not good. Also, Sono systems require you to use their software. So if they stop supporting your product then you are done for. Your product becomes worthless. Especially Play one and Play three series from them that doesn’t have any mini-jack support at all. Those products that are entirely dependable on the Sonos app will at some point die because of lack of support or that Sonos finds another way of bricking them.

This is the problem with closed source applications. Users will never be able to use it after Sonos has stopped support for them. If they, however, open-sourced that software. Sonos would be a much better product. The way that they can control everything is scary and is something that you should really think of.

All smart devices that need the Internet to work will stop to work

No matter type. All of the smart devices that require an Internet connection to work will one day be obsolete. The same thing goes for Google Chromebooks that require the Internet to work at all.

It is ok that you don’t get viruses and you can be safe about everything when it works. But once you don’t have an Internet connection then this product is worthless. Also, you never know what happens in the clouds. Because cloud computing doesn’t mean that your data is actually in the sky. It actually means that your data is located at any server that Google got access to.


I would never trust a product that only got an Internet connection as a possible way to use it. A computer for me is something that I use personally on my own. My private data should never be part of anyone’s server that any hacker can access if she or he really wants to. That’s why I always save all pictures, documents and even files on my local computers and then share what I want to share. I read about over 100 000 people that lost their pictures online because of a Photos competitor shutdown. People had 3 days to do backups before the servers had to be shut down.

So, buy an external HD and keep your most precious photos, documents, and files there. Do not save things on the cloud unless you want to share. But always keep files locally and I urge anyone to not buy any Sonos or Google product that connects only to the Internet. Microsofts music project Zune is no exception either. Once companies that own the servers go black it takes you with them.

Now you can Play the Norwegian government in Cities Skylines Industries

All of your Cities Skylines Steam Workshop items will be gone once Steam shuts down

Not only does Sonos, but also Google and Microsoft users that got devices from these companies will also die. This is also very true about today’s gaming industry. For some construction games such as Cities Skylines, this is a much bigger one too. So. Our knowledge of the past is that most of us bought all the games in the store with physical packaging. You came home and then you installed the game that you’ve bought. Then you downloaded items if needed that people have made from the game developers’ servers that games like the TRAINZ game series got.


You as the player kept it all on your HD without any subscription making it impossible to play if you didn’t pay. But with Paradox that is behind Cities Skylines. They seem to give the Steam service all of the full trust. It means that anything that will happen with Steam will also affect the gamers of the game. If buy it from GOG you don’t have access to the mods. You cant use them with the game if you have bought it at GOG. If you have you need to ask the developer of the Steam Workshop item to make it available for you.

Just to be clear! Steam, GOG, and all the online-only gaming services have made millions of people across the globe subscribe to their games. But you never know what will happen with their servers and services in the future. If they die, your game dies too as Cities Skylines is such a game where people have subscribed to tons of mods for the game. If Steam Workshop stops to work or even when a user takes their asset away from Steam Workshop. You can’t use them anymore and in some cases, these results that the city you are playing gets unplayable.

It is a huge negative trend that most of the games today are released onto Internet Gaming platforms. I am just happy to have lots of games kept on my shelves. I want to feel that the products I’ve bought are mine and that they can be sold one day if I don’t want them. I want to play the games that I’ve bought forever. Not rely on a server that will eventually shut down in the future. The same goes for all PlayStation Store games that I’ve bought.

People should start to demand physical games to come back. Because this trend is not looking good. A game is a product. Not something that you should subscribe to and give Steam, GOG or Playstation Store tons of extra income. If you delete Steam or GOG you cant play the games that you’ve bought. Which is really bad.

Source: Distrita Own Knowledge