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Prabowo is on the right, while Jokowi is on the left (image from Wikipedia)

Yesterday on 9th of July, people of Indonesia voted for their next president. This election has two candidates: Prabowo Subianto and Hatta Rajasa are running against Joko Widodo and Jusuf Kalla. Some people worries a lot about Prabowo, because the result could lead to war as one of the leaders which have been president for more than 10 years gets challenged.

Prabobo’s supporters are corrupt ones as it seems that he can’t take bad polls, so people are afraid that since he is ex-military, he will make events many believe in Indonesia. Many believed back in 1998, that there was a civil war which got started by him.

Many people overseas also write stories about him, and many seems to not like him in USA. Mr. Prabobo is not allowed there as USA forbid him to step his foot to the country.

Distrita is following this and this news is only from one side. If you have any information to add about the other candidates, please do contact us. Thanks to those contributing with this information. At the moment the situation heated up, our contributor informs.

So, how is the voting system in Indonesia?
Indonesia got manual voting yesterday, but a e-voting system was planned. The voting system used yesterday, using big nail to vote.

The final result will be on 22nd of July, but people are scared that Mr. Prabobo can’t face his defeat and will lead Indonesia into civil war.

Can he? Is he that evil? Where will this lead? Distrita team will tell you as soon as possible.