A totally new version of Duke Nukem 3D will be out soon for classic Amiga. Version 0.4 is coming soon, which is heavily based on the 0.3 by Dante and Bifat versions.

Some improvements v0.4 (554 768 bytes)
– all mul & div 64-bit removed, much better for 68060 CPU
– the Duke3D: assign removed
– the Duke3D: assign for AmigaSetup removed too
– added a $VER Duke Nukem 3D 0.4 by Dante, Bifat and Cosmos in the main .exe

The mul & div 64-bit replacement routines can be optimized, hope a new 0.5 faster version later…! So development here isn’t stopping now!

Changes to v0.3 (555 932 bytes)
– full graphical config menu added
– ahi-code fixed, but still don’t finished
– direct access to graphics mem for cgfx-users added
– now it’s possible to disable double buffering

– install the game from your cd on a pc, then copy the whole
duke3d-directory to your amiga/pegasos/whatever

– unpack the archive with the executable and the config into this

– use the AmigaSetup to create a config


– if you start the game from cli, you have to set the stack to 16384
bytes at minimum!!! If you forget to increase the stacksize, your
system will crash!

– enjoy

– Duke Nukem 3D ATOMIC EDITION, older versions won’t work!!! Have a
look at or try your luck at Amazon, or Ebay…


– Amiga with 68040/68060 or Pegasos with Morphos

– 8MB Free Fastram (32MB recommended)

– AHI 4.x

– Cybergraphics, Picasso96 or AGA. Does NOT work on OCS or ECS Amigas

– AGA users is recommended to Install blazewcp from the Aminet!


Now there is a graphical config menu – please use it instead of a editor
Direct access is somewhat dangerous – if it works, it will give you a
measurable speed gain, but if it not works, you have to reboot…

– to get the framerate, type inside a running game “dnrate”

– if loading is slow, and/or the game oftens hangs while loading, try
to add some buffers. For example, type in cli
“addbuffers duke3d: 2048” before you start the game.

Tested on
– Amiga 4000 with 68060 50MHz and PicassoIV, in 320×200 around 15FPS can be achieved… more or less depending on the scene

– Amiga 1200 with 68030 and 68882 Math co-processor at 50MHz. 1FPS, so only for Showcase!


– Pegasos with 603/600MHz and ATI Radeon, in 640×480 around 60FPS

– Amiga 3000 with 68060/50MHz and CyberVision64. Direct Access doesn’t

Yet another Note
There are also missing features in the game and you can experiment with coding if you are into that. All can be found on their website.

Get much more info here: