Here are my reasons why you should never buy the Digital Edition of Playstation 5. People of all ages should only get the full specced version because it offers more and does care for saving the world from a disaster. Buy the full version of Playstation 5 so that the used gamers market can survive and the reason for buying a game to own it can still be a thing.

Buy the full version of Playstation 5 only!

On the 11th of June 2020. Sony revealed to the audience watching that Playstation 5 aka PS5 will be launched in two different versions. One with SSD and BluRay 4K Ultra drive and one that will be a Digital Edition only of the console.

Sony is doing this launch of PS5 to try to stop the used gamer’s markets and sell its games in the end only in digitally downloaded versions. But I think that this strategy is hurting more than it is winning. Sure, the Digital Edition of PS5 sounds new, modern, nice and even futuristic. But the fact that Sony is now trying to make gamers stop buying physical boxed versions of the games for the console is hurting my gaming soul a lot.

Games should always be able to be bought by its gamer

No matter if its next-gen Playstation, XBOX or WII. No matter if its Sony, Microsoft, Nintendo or even having games on Steam. I personally do not care for Digital Editions of games. I need to have a physical copy of them too.

Please do not support the Digital Edition of Playstation 5 aka PS5

I do not like the idea of having to Subscribe and not be able to own a game that I “think” that I’ve bought. Buying games in a store is great. You actually have the product in your hands and it is yours. It is yours and you have it in your collection. But once everything is only for Download possibility. It destroys that feeling totally. The same thing goes for the film industry.

Even though I have subscriptions for Netflix and HBO here in Norway. I also have bought the movies that I really care for and love such as Alita Battle Angel, Tron Legacy, and The Fifth Element to name a few.

Do not buy PS5 Digital Edition to Save the used gamers market

Also, I want to mention that when you buy the Digital Edition of PS5. You also can’t sell the games on a used gamers market. Sony is smart in thinking that by introducing this version of their next-gen console. Sony is now showing that they want to actively hinder that market from flourish which is really bad because they know that people who buy the Digital Edition of PS5 will not be able to sell anything at a used gamers market.

New games and movies that you Love should always be bought by you!

I think that all kinds of people should be able to sell used games o movies as they do with old TVs, old electronics and old furniture. Games will have a bigger value because of the use of gamers’ markets. In 7-8 years people can still sell them when the games aren’t sold anymore or the online servers are shutdown.

So. Please help the world sanity by not buying the Digital Edition version of PS5. Games and movies you buy should be owned by you and that market is worthy to fight for. A used Super Mario Brothers or Sonic CD is much more worthy than a Downloaded version of them.

Lots of jobs are at stake too

The shops of worlds of physical gaming stores that employ people and the companies that manufacture and distribute etc games will be affected too if people stops buying physical games and movies. The couriers too. They will be risking 10000’s of jobs because the world is going only digital. You prevent the world from giving people jobs. So, stop this now!


I will fight for physical games and movies. Forever! I think that YOU and Everyone around you have the right to own what you BUY so you can keep it, sell it or give it away later.