About Distrita Store

Distrita Store was established as a suppliment store for kickstarters and stores that cares for the indie-community. Our mission is to make our community we write and suppport happy, but at the same time survive. Distrita Store is made to give you products and choices that are unique and great.

World’s Leading store for Supporters
The world’s leading Independent website Distrita, brings you this Amazing Store for Supporters and Dedicated people by indie-developers and Amiga stores like Amedia. We help them and in return we also put our effort into Deliver Support back to You!

Distrita Store offers a carefully curated selection of computer software, computer hardware and music by amazing supporting people supporting their fans. We have leading designers and independent brands bringing you products that you can rely on for your own passion and supporting skills. Our collection is constantly evolving to bring our customers a limited selection of the latest products, best-sellers and contemporary classics for all of you.

The store, launched in October 2017, is the world’s Kickstart and Indie-focused supportive store out there that also includes Amiga, Atari, Dreamcast and many other brands. It was established as a sister community supportive shop to Distrita, the world’s most independent and richfull content on-line magazine, and shares Distrita’s commitment to deliver the same quality and integrity.

Distrita Shop founders Trond and Michal launched the store to fill a niche in the market for people interested in products created by Kickstarters, Indie-Developers and Musical artists that need support to stay alive. A affordable store, that got products that gives the community something back in the end. By buying our interesting products here, you make sure that unique developers gets the deserved attention they deserve.

The online shop has pulled in some interesting personalities like Norbert Kett Michael St. Neitzel and Sally Ann to give the store the extra edge it needs in the start. Then we also have team of developers from Amiten Software and Amedia supporting the store with products sent to worldwide userbase all over the world.


Buying here is Safe
Every product here is sold thru PayPal that provides full service. If there is any questions regarding your payment, then please send us an e-mail to [email protected]

Supporting diversity by using our store
You support the Community, Indie-Developers or Contributors every time you buy something from our store. You deliver 3% to our Distrita Support Account on every item you buy from our store.  Those 3% that you donate, will be given to someone every half year. This will be launched in first quarter of 2017.

When buying any product from our store, you transfer 3% of the items cost to a special account. So from the first quarter future every Year, we will give the donation to someone that deserves it because of the dedication they have given to do something very nice.


Service for you
All of Distrita owns product you get a 14 days guarantee. For all third party products the guarantee is between you and the provider.

Distrita Store is operated from Oslo, Norway.


Distrita Store

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