Did you know about the gourmet restaurant Vognmand Nilsen? The restaurant is located in Rubina Ranas Gate 3, Oslo East. Check out our restaurant review!

Welcome to the restaurant:

Trond: We were welcomed by a well-dressed, english-speaking guy that was very friendly and polite. We felt very welcome!

Michal: This was a nice thing. The waiter was nice I think and welcome us gently. He knew about the groupon and showed us the table.

The order:

Michal: We got the menu and I was quite surprised over how much we saved on using 70% groupon. I choose everything on the menu except for the cheese part. We got 4 dishes + 2 dishes on the house, which made the dinner totally of 6 dishes for 100,- NOK which I think is a bargain. For students with less money, such groupon sale is a bargain and can give lots of nice moments in Oslo. So if you want to eat cheaper in Oslo, groupon can be an option to link to.

Trond: A friendly staff that let us use the time we wanted to make the decisions. I could not find anything negative at this point.


Waiting time:

Trond: They came with a bottle of water after just a minute, and also served bread with olive oil at once. There was no waiting time! But we were alone in the restaurant. This was an early Monday afternoon, so I guess they are more busy later…

Michal: The food came quite quickly I think, but mostly the reason for that is that we were the only guests I think. We were the first guests getting this menu and the waiting time was really not bad at all.


The food:

Michal: For me it was one of the best experiences I had when it comes to gourmet food. Delicious food and so artistic made. Bonus that we got 2 extra dishes. Only minus must be the bread which was served with oil dip. I didn’t find the oil dip to interesting or tasty. Made me drink more water than usual. The best experience was the scallops, fish and meat, but we also got delicious ice cream that must be one of my best ice creams I ever tasted in my life. I want to go as far as saying, that the food at Vognmand Nilsen restaurant in Oslo, must be one of  Oslo’s best gourmet restaurants. This one, have great taste for the price. All dishes doesn’t cost too much at a price of 425,- NOK So, I recommend it strongly.

Their dinner concept is to have a “daily menu” that is changed every second week. We were the lucky ones to try out their brand new menu, first of all! The 4-course-menu was brilliant! We liked every part of it! And we also liked the 2 extra dishes that was served “on the house”, a really nice gesture. The flavors were carefully composed to get a full comprehensive dinner. I especially liked the ice! It was’nt really a dessert, but was served before the main meal, the entrecote. Everything was exceptionally tasteful!

The location:

Trond: Not the best location! Oslo East is not synonymous with gourmet restaurants, so people will not look after anything like this here, and the restaurant is not easy to discover at once. But I guess the price had been much higher in another part of the city. When you first know where they are located, the location is not that bad. For bus passengers the location is convenient, only some few steps from the bus terminal, Galleriet.

Michal: If you are familiar with Oslo, it shouldn’t be to hard to find. But if your foreigner, it can be hard to find it as it’s in Grønland district of Oslo. Its new part of Grønland which is getting new renovations everywhere. Location is nice and the restaurant itself is very open and interesting in design. Modern feeling and you feel you can talk without getting interrupted. I must say its good for sure.


Conclusion from Distrita Living Team, visiting Vognmand Nilsen restaurant in Oslo, Norway:

The presentation of the food was nice. We very perfectly explained what every dish contained. Nice flavor, friendly atmosphere, nice rooms and good price! What more can we expect? The price that the groupon gave us made us even more happy!

  • Food
  • Staff
  • Atmosphere
  • Price level


Update: This restaurant is no more. Today this place is called Grønland Gym, which is owned by someone else