Life as we know it is a challenge for all species. Even the most beautiful people have their own issues. There is simply no perfect life, but there can be a pretty good one if we all start to respect the other.


When animals have illnesses or special diseases that makes their life suffer. It is very easy to go to a veterinary and give the animal an respectable end for its life. But when it comes to humans, it’s quite different.

Contract to Die

For humans however, the choice for own death is way more bureaucratic. Especially in countries like here in Norway, where you can’t order your own respectable death. Either you have Aids, Cancer or some serious muscle disease that prevents you to live a normal life .. You can’t just go to a doctor or a place like in Switzerland and finish the life in a more respectable way.

Norwegians travels to Switzerland

Because of the rules in Norway, many Norwegians that have issues and wishes to end the life on their own goes to Switzerland where this is allowed. This should however not be necessary. Norway shouldn’t force these souls to travel to Switzerland.

The conclusion of life is that humans bureaucratic way to end a life which isn’t wanted anymore is hurting and giving people who can’t travel a hard time while animals having issues can just do this at the local veterinary.

We at Distrita have only brought this story to life, because of the bureaucratic differences between humans and animals here in Norway when it comes to ending an suffering life. Distrita does not promote anything and you should always live happy. Be happy with what you have and don’t go these way unless it is absolutely your own wish because of your illness or situation. All life should be respected and we all should respect others so that others feels fine and well.