For gamers worldwide, the much anticipated newly developed Xbox One X is now on sale in many countries around the world. For the more demanding gamer that needs more space, the Xbox One X 2 TB edition is also available now in certain areas of the world. With a amazing features designed to make this the best XBOX console that Microsoft have ever made. It is the hottest system on the market currently to accommodate this year’s onslaught of cutting edge 4k television systems that is getting installed in millions of homes.

The added premium design and specs under the hood of this game system by far brings amazement and charm to this much anticipated gaming experience. Microsoft might have done something right for the first time in their gaming console history. We reveal it for you right here.

Design of XBOX ONE X Looks Interesting

The design of the XBOX ONE X is derived with idea of being easier to handle. By this concept, Microsoft made this XBOX ONE X a bit slimmer than the latest XBOX ONE S that have been released. Along with the sleek design comes the trimming down of accessories such as the power cord for the XBOX ONE which had a large ended power supply. This power supply has now been integrated internally in the console instead of being harnessed on the external power cord. To make things more competitive, the new XBOX ONE S has the ability to stand horizontally much like its competitor, the PlayStation 4, making a direct mark against this brand. But it can also sit on top or having another Hi-Fi or PVR decorder standing on top of it. The cooling system is totally redone since XBOX ONE S. The color of the XBOX ONE X is in a “dark mirror color” to bring a cleaner feel to this elegant design.

For Kinect users, which are used to the XBOX one having their Kinect port as part of the console, this has been a major change. The XBOX ONE X has no Kinect port and users that wish to use a Kinect will have to purchase an adapter in order to use this game experience on the XBOX ONE X. However, to replace this port, there is now a USB port on the front, with two in the back, and an IR blaster port in the front. For this reason, XBOX is currently offering a free XBOX Kinect Adapter for users that wish to connect their Kinect device.

Big Feature of the new XBOX is 4K Ultra HD Gaming and Playback

The biggest feature improvement besides the sleek design is the support for 4K which previous models of the Xbox One did not support. Not only can you stream your favorite streaming networks on the XBOX ONE X, but you can also use its 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray Gaming titles including Playback. For more people looking for a 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray player, the player alone costs between $150-500. This console with all its features comes in at $370 which is only about $100 difference between the currently selling XBOX ONE that is on sale.

XBOX ONE X can use enhanced graphics if the games developed for it supports it. It will be mentioned during boot of those games that supportd 4K gaming, saying ‘Enhanced for One X’. Pretty cool, awesome and every XBOX user with this one will feel premium about it too.

Hardware Details of XBOX ONE X brings Microsoft forward

The Xbox One X boasts it’s ability to handle 4K HDR visuals including a 2TB hard drive if that is wanted. Later models will come with the ability to purchase a other and bigger storage options which in essence will also change the pricing of this system when you go down or up in hard drive space. For users that care to scale down on the internal hard drive and scale up on an external hard drive, that option is still available with the XBOX ONE X which has a USB 3.0 HDD port, which is standard on current XBOX ONE models. USB standard comes handy for sure.


The wireless controller also got an update with an advanced grip feature which allows users to better hold the controller and handle game accuracy during game play. These controllers now run on Bluetooth technology. Its interesting to see how long the XBOX controllers will be running versus PlayStation 4 controllers that looses their lifetime very fast. Faster than any of my mobile phones. Wicked, but true.

Sony Entertainment just got a nut to crack because of XBOX ONE X. The new Forza with changing seasons and a massive multiplayer gameplay is going to give Microsoft lots of new gamers. If only Microsoft doesn’t screw up this time. They can become the leading console company very soon.