In a post on, there is a post coming from Sven that is a bit aged, where the topic says that 20 copies need to be sold for Wings Remastered to be shipped to 300 lucky people out there. There are still 108 copies still in stock. Its very limited, so be quick if you want it.


this is Sven from Cinemaware. First thanks for all your support. I want to give you an update and some short information. This physical release is limited to 300 Editions. This will be the only physical release, no 2nd Boxed-Edition will follow. It will be a classic BigBox with the Manual (Aviation Manual included), Poster and a CD which includes the Game and the Soundtrack. Also the classic Wings is included.

One important thing. This is a real community project. Daniel worked for free till now and continues with developing if we reach 150 sales (right now we are around 130) but can only be completed paid if we sell all 300 copies. We, Cinemaware, will not earn anything on this game. If all 300 Boxes are sold, he can also fully concentrate on the Port, so the release of Feb. 2016 is really safe. Sales goes complete to Daniel for the port and the production of the box. So its really important that we get sold out :) If this project and also the “Defender”-Project are successfull, then other ports to Amiga-Systems are realistic.

So please support this game and also spread the word and link :)


Get your Wings! – Remastered Amiga Edition
Order now! It might be your only chance in getting the Remastered editions! The Amiga edition will be out for AmigaOS 4 (Warp3D and RadeonHD), MorphOS and AROS x86. The order is limited tp 300. Right now its still 108 in stock, so go on and support this limited but important project by Cinemaware.

About Wings and Cinemaware
Wings is a World War I video game developed and published by Cinemaware ,that was originally released for the Amiga in 1990 and was later ported to the Game Boy Advance as Wings Advance in 2002. It is similar to the action sequences of the 1927 silent film Wings, but the story shown before each mission is different from the plot of the movie. The original Wings is considered by some as one of the best games in Amiga’s history. Its remake titled Wings! Remastered was released in 2014 and 2015 for the Windows, MacOS, Android and iOS platforms. And now in 2017 it will be out for the nextgen AmigaOS platforms.

Download the demo Now!


AmigaOS4 Warp3D

AmigaOS4 RadeonHD Compositing (für Radeon-Karten ohne 3D Treiber)