Lots of new things are happening in Australia, despite all of the fire hazards that the country has been a natural disaster there with lots of animals affected by it. Then it is good that Australian cities such as Canberra are doing good regarding their light rail line.

From April 2020 the Canberra light rail will increase its service by adding 155 extra light rail services in the town.

Service Every 5 min in Canberra

Services in Canberra, Australia will then run every 5 minutes, instead of every 6, during the morning peak period from the start of term two on the 27th of April 2020 and services will also start one hour earlier on Sundays and public holidays at 7.00 (7 am), rather than 8.00 (8 am).

This line began its operation on the 20th of April 2019. It is taken some time but now the demand for it is more and more. People understand how important it is with building great light rail services that work and that this can be achieved not only in Europe. Australia’s boost in light rail and tramway interest will for sure help. But with patience results will come. The same happened in Aarhus, Denmark in Europe. It takes about half-year to meet the investments into profit. Light rail is the smartest transit option that your city can have.

Light rail increase in Popularity

ACT Transport Minister Chris Steel the extra services were added to keep up with growing passenger numbers.

“More than 15,000 boardings are being made every day on light rail, which is ahead of what we expected in 2021, let alone today,” Mr Steel said.

“Due to its popularity, we are also seeing some crowding on light rail in both the morning and afternoons.

“Light rail has been a huge success, with 3.5 million boardings since it started last year and we want to encourage even more people to get on board.”

The new services will begin in April at the beginning of term two for school students.

Canberra is not the biggest city in Australia with about 420.960 in population. But it is one of the most important cities in Australia as it is the capital of the country. So, to see that they finally introduced a light rail service is something that Canberra should have had a long time ago.

Oslo in Norway where Distrita is located is also a capital with about 600.000. This city got 5 Metro lines, 6 Tramlines and some train lines that work on the same public transportation ticket. Den Haag in the Netherlands with 520.000 in population is, however, a much better example of cities with the same amount of population as Canberra. Here you have a Tram network that is in a remarkable length of 107 km! This also includes the light rail tram-train service to the nearby town Zoetermeer.


Positive numbers for Canberra Light Rail

So it is nice to see that Australia is finally taking action. Not only Canberra but also Sydney, Gold Coast, Newcastle, and Adelaide have recently launched or expanded their light rail tram networks.

Seeing such positive numbers over more passengers warms a person heart like mine that know how important such solutions are. Life in these areas will improve for all kinds of people. Not just for everyone that can walk, but also for strollers and wheelchair users too.


With these 155 extra new routes. Let’s hope that the R1 light rail route will reach Canberra Train Station at least. Also, a line to the nearby airport of Canberra would be perfect. Canberra should make light rail reach all parts of the city. This would help the environment in the area a lot. But for now, let’s celebrate what Canberra light rail has achieved!

Source: Canberra Times, Urbanrail