Sofia is the largest city in Bulgaria and one of the many resorts in Eastern Europe you should know.

Each site in eastern Europe with sensational sights of great cultural and historical and fascinating landscapes in which nature and achieve the perfect balance ancient with modern amenitie

Today we show you what things you have to see in Sofia, capital of Bulgaria ..
Aleksander Nevski Cathedral


This cathedral has the collection of relics and religious artwork larger and more important throughout Bulgaria. These invaluable pieces found in the basement of the cathedral, in the underground crypts and throughout the interior of the cathedral ..

That’s where they held various exhibitions that are part of the Bulgarian National Gallery and displays some of the most emblematic works of art in the history of Bulgaria. The most surprising exhibition features pieces dating back even before the ninth century ..
National History Museum Details Year of construction 1973 and after suffering several shipments by different zones of Bulgaria, the History Museum Nacional de Bulgaria account with the incredible figure of over 650,000 exhibitions in its salary. Therefore, this museum is the one of the most important museums of history of the world ..

Among the so many collections that this offers is can appreciate all type of pieces and findings archaeological of almost all epochs. Among them the treasure more earliest known, del that is estimated having almost 6000 years ..
This is one of the newest and most modern acquisitions in Sofia. The land of the attractions of Sofia is an amusement parklocateda few meters from the city zoo. It opened in fall 2002 and has thousands of visitors a week ..
Although this is a small amusement park, is diverse and has many attractions. Among these, a carousel suspended more than 43m in height, a rollercoaster of 400m long and a ride on the “wild river” by several waterways ..
Sofia Zoo
Sofia Zoo was founded in 1888 and is one of the oldest historical sites and important Balkan peninsula. Back then, it was built for Tsar Ferdinand, a great naturalist and enthusiastic with the idea of ​​collecting exotic species as pets for it ..
Located in the city center and currently has about 1113 specimens of 244 different species. Some of these species are endangered, so a visit to Sofia Zoo will always be very productive ..


National Art Gallery Royal Palace
The National Art Gallery is set in the Royal Palace, located a few meters from the Alexander Battenberg Square. Several art exhibitions take place there and has two large sections: The National Gallery and the National Ethnographic Museum ..
It is a major cultural space in the city of Sofia and features the artwork of local artists more relevant in the last two centuries. On the other hand also has several pieces of ancient civilizations that inhabited the lands of Bulgaria
Like many other cities of Eastern Europe, Sofia has great historical and cultural value.