London is for everyone, and everyone loves London. But it’s a big city and it’s difficult to have full control at all times… Then it’s good to have sites like A good hotel map could be found here. And our favorite things to do in London can be found below. Happy reading!

best things to do in London
Our favorite things to do in London!

#1 London eye

Included as a choice with your London Explorer Pass, enjoy stunning 360-degree views of London as you take a 30-minute ride on one of the world’s most famous attractions! Check out A view on cities website here.

Best landmark in London, the London eye, London seen from the air

#2 Thames river

The Thames is the lifeblood of London, bringing industry to the city for centuries. It is England’s longest river, leading into the North Sea at its end. It has been the base for settlements since prehistoric times, and was a strategic importance to the Romans and English Kings, as well as during both World Wars.

There are a number of companies in London offering cruises across the Thames. Cruises run as regularly as every 30 minutes from several key locations. The cruises pass several key sightseeing locations, including Tower Bridge, the Houses of Parliament, and the London Eye.

Some cruises run at night so you can see the sights all lit up, whilst others are served with a meal or afternoon tea. This is a lovely and unique way to view the city, traveling along the historic Thames, according to The Crazy Tourist.

London River Cruise, Thames Cruise in London

#3 Kew Gardens

Kew Gardens is unlike anything else in London. The world-leading botanic garden is captivating at any time of year. Visit for swathes of blooms in spring and summer, a crunchy, autumnal paradise or to follow the super popular, innovative Christmas at Kew lights trail which takes over the space every winter. The newly restored Temperate House is also a horticulturalist’s delight. A Grade I-listed greenhouse, twice the size of Kew’s famous Palm House, it recently reopened its doors to the public after a major five-year renovation, according to Time Out.

The Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew is in Richmond on the outskirts of London, and is one of the most amazing gardens in the world. It has an extraordinary diversity of plants, over 14,000 trees and it is all set within a vast and beautiful landscape layered with history and heritage.

#4 Trafalgar Square

Opened to the public in 1844, Trafalgar Sq is the true centre of London, where rallies and marches take place, tens of thousands of revellers usher in the New Year and locals congregate for anything from communal open-air cinema and Christmas celebrations to political protests. It is dominated by the 52m-high Nelson’s Column, guarded by four bronze lion statues, and ringed by many splendid buildings, including the National Gallery and the church of St Martin-in-the-Fields, according to Lonely Planet.

The presenter Syrus Lowe tells you about some of his favourite London areas – Trafalgar Square, Leicester Square, China Town & Piccadilly Circus.

#5 Greenwich

The old centre of maritime London, Greenwich just about retains a village-y feel despite the horde of tourists milling around the place. Fortunately, the park provides ample room for everyone to spread out, so head here on a warm summer’s day if you can, according to

Greenwich is one of the most historic and beautiful of the London areas. Just 10 mins from the city centre.

#6 Hyde Park

One of London’s largest royal parks, Hyde Park is 1.5 miles long and a mile wide, comprising colorful flower beds, manicured lawns, clusters of trees, and London’s oldest boating lake. Once a royal hunting ground and execution site, the park was first opened to the general public in the beginning of the 17th century. Today it’s a tranquil retreat for running, cycling and strolling Londoners. The northeast corner of the park is Speakers’ Corner, where the likes of Karl Marx and George Orwell once drew an audience – it’s the only place in the country where demonstrations may be held without prior permission from the police. The L-shaped Serpentine Lake separates Hyde Park from Kensington Gardens on the other side, and many of the park’s most popular features are located near the bridge that spans it, according to

For fun things to do in London, visit Hyde Park. Whether it’s your first time in London, or you live here, this royal park is one of London’s best attractions (and most things to do are free!). In this video you’ll see suggestions for what to visit in Hyde Park on a sunny day. Make sure to leave yourself plenty of time because Hyde Park is huge!

#7 Big Ben

Nothing screams “London” more emphatically than the 318-foot tower housing the giant clock and its resounding bell known as Big Ben. It’s as iconic a landmark as Tower Bridge, and the tolling of Big Ben is known throughout the world as the time signal of the BBC. Below it, stretching along the Thames, are the Houses of Parliament, seat of Britain’s government for many centuries and once the site of the royal Westminster Palace occupied by William the Conqueror, according to

We chatted to Big Ben mechanic Ian Wentworth about how the clock works. Big Ben is due to reopen… how will the mechanism run when it does?

#8 Piccadilly Circus

Piccadilly Circus is similar to Times Square in New York City. This meeting point, where several main roads come together, is a very busy spot in London. Enormous neon signs bath the area in colorful light and double decker red buses and cars continually stream by. Have a seat on the steps of the Shaftesbury Memorial Fountain and watch London in action, according to

Piccadilly Circus in the west end of London and linking theater land. The tour is first person perspective of Piccadilly Circle, so called as it shaped in a circle. If you play the latest Call of Duty Modern Warfare this video is identical to the map on the game!

#9 Notting Hill

Can you believe that the movie Notting Hill is almost 20 years old! How? I’ll just go cry in the corner thank you very much.

Anyway, the district still looks much like its cinematic image. A mix of chic and shabby artistic. There are so many things to do in Notting Hill, but I especially like Portobello Road, where you can find a clothing & fruits market and all sorts of cool stores, according to

Notting Hill is one of the prettiest suburbs of London, and you will definitely love it!

Hampstead Heath

Forget the perfect lawns of London’s Royal Parks, Hampstead Heath, the vast and, in places wonderfully overgrown, tract of countryside just north of the rock ‘n’ roll neighborhood of Camden Town is the wild heart of the city and an undisputed highlight, so much so it’s said to have inspired CS Lewis’s Narnia. The Heath covers 791 acres of woodland, playing fields, swimming ponds and meadows of tall grass perfect both for picnickers and couples in search of privacy. It’s truly beautiful, according to

Venture out from the centre of London and you’ll see incredible green spaces like Hampstead Heath, located in North west London. It’s a stunning park that makes you feel like you’re out in the country, plus it has great free views of the London skyline, a beautiful house to visit called Kenwood House (featured in many films) and you can even go swimming.
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