I want to share some photos that I have taken today. They are from Oslo, Norway. It’s the town where we at Distrita got our main office at. In my very first blogg post, I want to share with you the sky in the evening here. I love taking photos of the nature, cities and the sky. If I see beautiful clouds and objects that I can bring with me on the photos I take. It’s my extravaganza. I love it!

Ryen and Manglerud is not the Typical Touristic areas of Oslo

I am living near a place of Oslo, that most of the tourist books have never mentioned. Because its a part of the city that is mostly made of peoples domestic houses. There are a few grocery stores in this area also and a small shopping mall named Manglerud Shopping Mall. So, it is sort of a secret spot I’ve found. But you can enjoy this spot it if you take the bus line 70, from the city center towards Skullerud.

Here is some photos taken with my BlackBerry keyONE mobile. Which I think got a very awesome camera. It is good at taking photos when it is night even. The fact that you can control the white balance in the app that comes with the phone is fantastic. I really love that.

Lovely Reddish Colored Clouds because of the Sunset

[foogallery id=”29090″]

I was little bit too late. I went out with my dog earlier when the sunset light was even better. However! I managed to take these before it became too dark. I really like how the sunset light turned the clouds into red clouds. There was even more spectacular clouds, but I was too late. It was a fun experience anyway.

Beautiful Sunset with spectacular Light creating Dark Clouds

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A bit later, when I finally got to the secret spot. I managed to take these shots which you can see above here. It takes time to play with the cellphone camera features. So, to expect perfect pictures with a new phone without getting used to the app. That ain’t gonna happen. You must get used to how the camera app works. With the white balance adjustments built into the camera app. You are able to make these stunning photos in the night. I had to adjust the white balance and also focus on the sky to get the Light from the sky only. Because, if I pointed at the ground the camera would get too much light.

The result of the photos is what I wanted them to deliver. Only light from the sky. Same view as from me when I stood in the are with less traffic lights. It was a nice experience for me. If you love spectacular views like this. I recommend finding mystical spots like this which isn’t known by any touristic books out there. It makes a difference.



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Source: Michal Bergseth