If there is something that isn’t expected just before Christmas. It is robbery in Longyearbyen at Spitsbergen (Svalbard). This is the northern most town on an island. The robbers were even armed Nordlys reports.

Sparebank1 Nord-Norge’s branch in Longyearbyen was robbed Friday morning

Communications Manager Vidar Lofthus at Sparebank1 Northern Norway confirms to Norwegian newspaper that the robbery was made at Longyearbyen just after 10.30 (10.30am) on Friday morning.

Three persons were working at the bank when the robbery happened in the morning

“The person got a value but was arrested by the police shortly afterwards,” says Lofthus.

It was an armed robbery made by one man. The visitation of the person took place without drama and further investigation and interrogation of the person is now going on.

Longyearbyen at Spitsbergen robbery is Very rare

The idea to even thinking of doing a robbery at one of worlds most northern towns that got no road connection with the mainland of Norway seems to be very silly.

There is simply almost no place where you could hide in Longyearbyen as everyone in this town is connected. The town of this place got a total population of just 2144 according to Wikipedia. At a place in the world where the sun never shows up at this time of the year.

All of the personell at the bank are taken care of according to the updates. Nobody got physically injured and the bank itself is following the personell to make sure that they are doing well. So we hope that everyone up north at Spitsbergen will get a nice Christmas now. This news is so odd but it shows that people in all areas can do silly things.


So, if you are thinking of robbing a bank. Just don’t go to Spitsbergen. Its the best advice ever… or .. even better.. Stop robbing banks!


Source: Nordlys