Yesterday, Distrita had a Live Event from Apples Keynote. Here is some conclusions and more reliable facts processed since yesterdays Live Event.

Many interesting topics

Apple WWDC Keynote Event

With WWDC still underway, there’s a lot more news than what made it in yesterday’s article. First and foremost, Apple announced watchOS 2.0, which will bring native applications to the platform, as well as a feature called Time Travel that works much the same way as the timeline UI on the new Pebbles. It allows you to scroll into the future to see the upcoming appointments, the weather, and so on.

Apple is also merging its various developer programs. Instead of having to buy access to iOS and OS X separately, a single $99 fee will now net you access to iOS, OS X, and watchOS. Tangentially related: CarPlay now allows car makers to create applications that expand what CarPlay can do; e.g. control the climate control, radio, and other in-car features.

Apple also announced its new music streaming service, called Apple Music, which will be available for iOS, Windows, and Android. Speaking of Android – Apple has also made an Android application to help switchers move from Android to iOS.

Topics from the event

– New Version of OSX called OS X El Capitan
– New Version of iOS for iPhone and iPad called iOS9. The iPad Version now includes nice Multitasking features!
– New Version of watchOS With way more Siri focused elements
– Swift 2 will be out in late 2015 and is announced to become Open Source. Will be out for OSX, iOS and even Linux!
– Single fee at $99 will now give net Access to OSX, iOS and watchOS
– CarPlay now allows car makers to create Applications that expand what CarPlay can do
– Apple Music to compete With Spotify, WIMP and all other Music streaming solutions.


Apple is doing good things with OSX, iOS and watchOS. Their release of Apple Music however is totally fail we believe, but OSX especially gets neat features in Apple’s own made apps like Safari and Mail. Seems like mobile touches of iOS functions is coming to OSX also now. The multitasking addon to iPad version of iOS is a nice touch,.. but what about the mobile version? Especially those with iPhone 6+?

It is also interesting to see that Apple follows Windows 8 a bit, regarding the multitasking feature for iPad version of iPad. Also that all OSX updates now is for free. Open Sourcing Swift programming language is also a nice step forward. And a nice show all in all.