Apple has sued an independent mobile repairman from Norway for importing illegal copies of mobile screens. The repairman is now convicted in the Supreme Court. This is not fair!

It is really scary and worrying that Apple has brought this case and won. The gigantic Apple company has created this problem themselves, while the repairman and the consumers are the losers.

Appleism is Killing the Future of computing
Appleism is Killing the Future of computing

Apple destroys the Independent Repairmen

The entire chase is about Henrik Huseby, which is an independent repairer of computers from Ski in Norway, which was convicted on the 2nd of June for trademark infringement for importing illegal copies of Apple mobile screens. The multinational giant Apple simply doesn’t show any mercy and so the giant sued Huseby in 2018.

Henrik Huseby lost in Oslo court, but won the appeal in June 2019 – and now also in the Supreme Court.

So, the final judgment is made so that makes it more difficult to repair for anyone. Apple wants to keep that to its own business and destroy the joy for independent people to fix broken Apple products.

It is really bad when one of the world’s largest companies Apple wins against a small player for a breach of the Brand Act, we are moving in the wrong direction.

A cynical game from Apple that destroys the Love for the company

This play is a humongous cynical game from Apple. They have created this problem themselves, by not making spare parts available to all repairers. Independent repairers can then only choose between third-party parts that are not good enough or repaired, original parts, she says.


I saw this article on Restarters Norway site which is based on a DN article. Restarters Norway is the name of an organization that organizes Fix parties, where people can learn how to repair their broken mobiles, toasters, and more.

They also work for the “right to repair” slogan and they believe together with Distrita that Apple is one of the worst that in practice encourages consumers to buy new rather than repair. But the prices at Apple’s authorized repairers in the world, of which there are only 20 in Norway, are so high that repairing often is not worthwhile.

Apple doesn’t care about the Environment

From before, I have written many words about Apple’s unhealthy approach to being an Environment-friendly company. Apple is in my opinion the world’s worst computer making company when it comes to manipulating everyone into thinking that they are being Environment friendly.


It is crazy when Apple pushes consumers to rather buy new Apple products than fix or repair them because buying the new ones is cheaper.

Apple gets a monopoly on the repair by doing this, but they also make more consumers throw very good Apple products too which leads to becoming one of the world’s most hidden environmentally made crises.

In Norway, we buy and discard most electronics in the world, and more repairs will be important to reduce the climate and environmental impact. Now we need politicians who dare to change the system so that large companies do not have a monopoly on repair.

Support The Right To Repair Campaign

Henrik Huseby now has to pay 247,500 NOK which is about 23,306 Euro in legal costs. He is fighting a moral chase against Apple which seems to totally ignore the environment. For me, that aspect is as serious as just caring about this court chase itself.

I have to ask. How many Apple machines must be thrown on the streets before Apple and many of its users wake up? I think that will be many. Its a tragedy.

Distrita encourages everyone to support Henrik Huseby in his fight against the tech giant. 5,603 Euros is now donated, which means that many agree with his cause including me. This punishment by Apple shows how humongous irresponsible Apple as a computer making company is. So, please do check and watch the crowdfund here.


This chase is devastating for him as a person with a modest income. Apple is going after people doing good by preserving old computers and gadgets shine. I don’t know what I would have done without people recapping my old Amiga computers. These repair shops are golden and make my Amiga 500, Amiga 600 and Amiga 1200 last for another 20-30 years.

See the entire case in the DN newspaper on-line here, which is a Norwegian newspaper about economics.