Alita grows up from being a teenager to a woman is intense but it well made into the story

There is something rotten going on at the Oscar when other movies than Alita Battle Angel have been nominated in categories that Alita should at least be nominated in. I didn’t just get in love with the Alita character when I saw that movie. I fell in love with the Visual Effects.

The way that both Director Robert Rodriguez and Writer James Cameron made the movie is remarkable. Alita is the most real-life alike character that I haven’t seen before. The visual effects actually made me love the movie more and more.

The production design of Alita Battle Angel is also very interesting. Iron City life was documented in such detail that I’ve never seen before and because of the production quality, all in all, this well made Entertainment made me watch the movie 7 times straight at the cinema. Also, I have bought it as a physical BluRay copy too.

In the places where she is it is all so lifelike. You could witness people sitting and eating. Alita taking a bite of chocolate and all of the activities happening. This makes production design magical for me.

When I can witness all the details that are made to create a perfect movie. Then a movie is not just a remarkable piece of art. It becomes Everything. And when she changes me for becoming a better person too, then this movie got a warm spirit.

Oscar Awards is not the same when they exclude Alita Battle Angel from it

In categories such as Cinematography, Alita Battle Angel really shines and its, therefore, a mystery to me that this movie haven’t got more attention. . So in this article, I want to go through every Oscar category where I think that the movie should at least be nominated.

Alitas smile and encouragement is something millions have put into their hearts

In this article, I want to give my most important arguments on why Alita Battle Angel should have been nominated. Because I feel that something odd with the Oscar Awards this year. This award-winning show is getting out of hand I think.


But even though the awards have weird nominations. It was nice to see Parasite getting so many awards. But not in this category. You may think that I am putting on my Alita is best in everything mask. But that’s wrong. I have been studied Multimedia Designer, TV, and Film at Noroff University in Oslo, Norway. I’ve always been interested in movies but sci-fi and fantasy been always those genres that I always loved the most.

So, when I watch them I am always interested in how they are made, costumes, actors and the overall feeling to them.

These are the Categories that Alita Battle Angel should be nominated in

I just don’t understand why Alita Battle Angel wasn’t nominated at all. Is this because of the number of people that have seen it? So I have taken those categories where Alita Battle Angel should have been nominated in. Some shouldn’t be there at all in my opinion.


Visual Effects

  • WINNER 1917
  • Nominated: Avengers: ENDGAME
  • Nominated: The IRISHMAN
  • Nominated: The Lion King
  • Nominated: Star Wars: The Rise Of Skywalker

How is this even possible that 1917 is so striking? Or the fact that The Lion King is nominated but Alita Battle Angel is not? The IRISHMAN? Come on. What’s going on in this world? The differences can be seen in the picture beside here.

How could they nominate The Lion King but not Alita Battle Angel?

The visuals in Alita Battle Angel is so far ahead of The Lion King movie for sure. The 3D animations on her face are stunning and all the details on her. In The Lion King movie its only animals. It is nicely done but how could it be nominated. But Alita not?

More mature Alita looks really like a strong woman

Just look at Alita. See all the details on her and the characters that she is playing against in the movie. The Visual Effects when she is inside the wrecked spaceship is also amazing. The design of every part of Iron City is for me the most spectacular visual effects that I’ve seen.

Before Alita, I can name Tron Legacy and The Fifth Element as those movies that really blew my mind when seeing the visual effects. How Robert managed to create such stunning visuals while at the same time give all of the characters the correct shadows and lightning on them is just amazing.

The Lion King is not near Alita Battle Angel at all. Also, I think that the animated cartoon gave the visuals a much better presentation too. Many people came out disappointed when seeing that movie.


But for Alita, the movie needed time. The fans grew and grew. At the Oscar show as shown above in the Twitter message. #AlitaArmy demonstrated with an airplane and a banner requiring #Alitasequel which is a nice stunt done at the event.

Alita deserves a great sequel! And Distrita supports it!

Alita represents a real-life human cyborg. She is created with love and passion!


  • WINNER 1917
  • Nominated: The Irishman
  • Nominated: Joker
  • Nominated: The Lighthouse
  • Nominated: Once Upon A Time In Hollywood

Where is Alita Battle Angel in this category? Why isn’t she nominated here? Alita is a too underrated movie with media affecting the decisions of this category at the Oscar?

She is a unique character that is Cinematography worthy

Maybe I am a bit in love with the Alita character. I can’t deny it. But none in this category would be nominated except for 1917 which is a true masterpiece too. Alita Battle Angel should have been nominated in this category for sure. It is way better than The Irishman, Joker, The Lighthouse and Once Upon A Time In Hollywood. It should for sure been battling with 1917 which I’ve only seen on trailers. It looks great.

Alita’s hair, eyes, details on the skin, lips and her body is very unique

Joker is in third place for me. It is way too dark. Also, I am not a fan of the Batman universe. I have always been a Superman person. For me, the Batman universe is nothing special at all. A person with a mask and a fancy car?

I really loved the 80’s version of Batman and Robin show that went on TV. After that none of the movies gave me any interest. Believe me. I tried to like it. But for me, superhero movies shouldn’t be so damn depressive.

Production Design

  • WINNER Once Upon A Time in Hollywood
  • Nominated: The Irishman
  • Nominated: Jojo Rabbit
  • Nominated: 1917
  • Nominated: Parasite

It seems like too few people have seen Alita in the real world or they haven’t paid attention at all to the stunning details that the movie got. It just shows when none of the categories contains the movie at all.

Design is where Alita Battle Angel should have been Nominated

None of these movies looks great for me at all. If there is a movie that should win any category with Design in it then it is Alita Battle Angel. This mysterious movie is so well made. Iron City, Zalem, The Quality of City Creation and atmosphere are beyond anything that I have seen.

Alita’s design is perfection

Alita’s eyes are so beautiful. All of the comments about that her eyes are too big were and are misleading as those that commenting on them don’t understand what they are. How well they actually did in documenting them for the audience. From the moment that Alita wakes up. I was amazed.

The details and passion that’s been put into making Alita’s character so alive are stunning. That makes her a winner that can’t be won by money but by heart. No other movies on the list above got any interest for me at all except for 1917 that didn’t win this category.

There is simply no other character in Hollywood made movies that have had this impression on me and all of the Alita fans which are in millions across the globe.

Just look at this picture of Alita’s eyes in the picture above here. You can see every detail in them. They are bionic eyes. You can notice while you watch the movie all of the lines and threads inside them that are connecting which forms her beautiful eyes. If this part doesn’t deserve to be nominated or even should have won in the Production Design category, then I ask about the standards?

Just look at how Alita blends into the atmosphere of Iron City

I just don’t understand in my simple mind what the judges or the people at Oscars choosing who should be or who should not be nominated. What are they looking at? They should really have put Alita into this category. I just don’t understand why it isn’t?

Why is Alita Battle Angel left out? My heart doesn’t understand it and I think millions of Alita fans question this too.

Makeup and Hairstyling

  • WINNER Bombshell
  • Nominated: Joker
  • Nominated: Judy
  • Nominated: Maleficent: Mistress Of Evil
  • Nominated: 1917

Look at how they managed to dress Alita which is played by Rosa! The makeup and hairstyling details in the movie shouldn’t be underrated.

All of the Alita characters design is a Reason to be Nominated

The only two movies that are correctly added here are Joker and 1917. But none of them won. Joker got worse makeup and hairstyling than It horror movie for older children. I never liked Joker in any of the Batman movies and the same thing goes for Joker movie.

Look at the details of Alita’s hair

1917 is nominated but it didn’t win in this category. Maleficent is for sure not better than Alita Battle Angel. I think all of the characters in Alita’s movie got better makeup and hairstyling than in any of these movies listed.

In fact, if there is a category where Alita should have won in then it should be this one. Her makeup is perfect. The change from being a teenager to a woman is well made. She grows up fast, but the designers of her makeup and hairstyling are out of this world. It is remarkably done!

Alita’s entire body is art. From giving her correct clothes when she is a teenager with an amazing body with so many details. Just look at all the art on her arms.

This makeup of the Alita character and the other’s that she encounters is not just something that’s been done within one day. This is the passion for lines by which the creators of her bodies have shown that they have theft for details. I have never seen a character getting this much love. She means something for people and if that’s not worthy of an Oscar nomination. Then what is?

Alita Battle Angel is worthy an Oscar Nomination

In this article, I have given my own views on which categories that Alita Battle Angel should have been nominated and where the movie would have a chance in beating the other movies.

The biggest shock for me when watching the Oscars last night is that The Lion King movie way too much attention. Who in the world chose that movie for being nominated at all? It destroys the entire concept of the cartoon movie which was miles ahead better.

But not everything was bad. I must admit, even though I haven’t seen Parasite movie that this movie was a positive shock winner at the event. But this is also not my type of movie.

I think it’s a shame that Alita wasn’t nominated at all. It is the biggest flaw in the Oscar Nominees 2020 show. Because Alita has changed the entire world. Maybe it didn’t do much impact in the USA. But outside where cinemas showed it for more than 3 weeks, Alita Battle Angel got a huge fanbase because of the slow popularity growth of the movie.

If we had the Oscar. Alita would have won Oscar Nominations 2020

It wasn’t the media that brought people to the cinemas watching it. It was people who told other people and so it became the success that it became. There is simply no reason for not giving this movie prices.

For me, Alita Battle Angel is the best movie that I have ever seen in my entire life and I am 40 years old now. In the future . This movie got everything. It is my life until the end. Alita’s story is so well written and well made in also the best live-action movie based on a Japanese anime.

Without Yukito Kishiro, this movie would not be possible. So, for me, Alita won Oscar already and thanks to all of you loyal Distrita readers. It means so much that you read my words about Alita. Because it is pure.

Source: Oscar 2020