affinityprog1Before, we have given you a review of PixelMator for OSX which we gave 4 dots. They write on their website: “Revolutionising creative design with Affinity for Mac”. But will it become a Photoshop competitor or not? Read on…!

Distrita investigate Affinity Beta

The program loads up fast and have some very interesting features. The GUI is although a bit not so revolutionising as they claim. There are functions that are a bit unclear, while others have sense in what they do. The most irritating feature is when trying to paint freely. Where do I choose colors? I remember how difficult it was to understand GIMP and Affinity gives me those vibes, though it seems more down to earth program.

affinityphotoPhotoshop Competitor!?

For now, the beta seems to work but have some minor flaws. Out of sudden, I cant paint and the program changes the color of my brush without warning.

The text feature is brilliant though. What a nice way to put text here and there on a picture. Also the fact that you can turn the text alignment from the very beginning is a winner. It is also one of the fastest text tools Ive seen so far. But on the rest, the program seems to have the dark theme like PixelMator have. Though the menus arent that responsive. Many times Ive seen my pointer changing to the famous Apple loading umbrella.

We at Distrita hopes that all of the serious bugs will be fixed, before the final release of the program. The drawing and text features is fast, but got bugs. But our worry is the GUI which is slow at the moment. The program have potential, but the Beta needs more testing for sure.

Here you can Download the Beta version of Affinity

Facts about Affinity Photo

The program is created by Serif Ltd. The same company is also developing Affinity Publisher and Affinity Designer. Here is some quote from their site about Affinity Photo:


Digital Photo Editing

For Mac photographers and bitmap artists, Affinity Photo offers high end photo editing to take images beyond professional adjustment and correction. With instant redraw from its live tools and effects, Affinity Photo presents a refreshingly fluid editing experience, the highest quality retouch tools, deep and accurate colour, and great compatibility. Jaw-dropping quality and speed optimisations for all Core 2 Duo and upwards Macs allow more people than ever to enjoy the benefits of this highly accurate photo tool.

We at Distrita wishes Serif Ltd. all the best and hopes that Affinity Photo will get ridd of all bugs and be a success.

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