All living things cares for their little ones. Mum’s for every creature have that extra instinct to help and provide the little ones what they need to survive. So, a nice YouTube clip from South Korea shows what this mum’s powers did to a female cat named Dongsook.

Mother’s Love is strong in Life

A mother’s love is stronger than anything else, whether it’s humans, dogs, cats or other animals. It does not matter – the children are the most important and the love of love overcomes everything as shown in the YouTube clip below.

Animal lover in South Korea taking care of the homeless cat

The homeless cat Dongsook has long been given to a true animal lover. Both Dongsook and other cats have been addicted to the kind woman who brings food to them daily. You can see it in the video how they approach her when she feeds them.

Suddenly one day, Dongsook never refused to eat and she would only bring her food if she got it in a bag. Otherwise she just stood watching the other cats. No matter how hungry she was.

The South Korean woman, therefore, began to make a small bag of food that Dongsook brought with her every day, but of course she became very curious about what the cat would like for food in a bag.

Food was brought by the kitten

She began to follow and discovered that Dongsook brought the food to her little kitten.


It turned out that Dongsook had born five kittens a few weeks earlier, but only one of them had survived. The little kitten looked exactly like his mother with orange fur as you can see in the video. The little kitten got the food that its mother Dongsook brought with her,  gently punched the bag and let the little one eat first. She only ate what was left in the bag.

The woman was so impressed with Dongsook mother love that she felt she had to do something to help them. So, she managed to create a home for them. Humans love for helping other animals is quite clear in this case. It is nice to see people taking care of homeless cats as they help cities that we humans have created to have less mice creatures in them.

A really nice documentary here. However,.. I am not so sure why the video got so many sound effects in it? I know its a South Korean thing to do, but they sort of makes the documentary too funny instead for serious :) But if you are from Asia, you might love it so…!



SBS TV on YouTube