Easily the most important step to secure online browsing on a public network is to use a Virtual Private Network (VPN). In this article, we gonna show you 7 reasons why you should use VPN for Private Web Browsing. A Virtual Private Network Connection will encrypt your signal, making your activities online completely unavailable for everyone else. Since your real IP-address is not used, you appear to work from another computer in another country. The technology is getting more and more advanced all the time. No matter if you use an iPhone or Android phone you have probably linked it to a Google or Outlook account.  This makes life easier for you as things are getting synced with your other devices, but it is also a gift to the search engines that want to track you. It is a concern of privacy. Google is the biggest and maybe the biggest concern.VPN for Private Web Browsing

Are you traveling a lot or use public wifi, then a VPN is a very wise investment in privacy.

Does it happen you connect to a public wireless network? Most people don’t even think about security issues, but the fact is that the wifi connection at hotels or restaurants is not safe at all. If you want to read your emails in privacy or surf the web without having any audience you should take action. The hackers will easily find ways to get access to whatever they are looking for. Even people with no hacker experience may download plugins or apps and intercept your unencrypted wifi signal. Maybe you thought public wifi is relatively safe since all the cafeterias and hotels offer free wifi? The answer is no, it is extremely insecure. This is probably reason number 1 why you should consider spending $3.49 per month for the safety of a reliable VPN connection. Maybe you like to bring your laptop out and bring your work to a cafeteria? Then you probably connect to wifi quite often and you definitely should consider buying the monthly price for VPN which is less than one cup of coffee at Starbucks!

VPN for Private Web Browsing is a must for employees or students having a restrictive network at work or school

Have you ever experienced that Facebook is blocked at your school or work? Or maybe you can’t access your private mail or the newspaper that you use to read? Lots of companies have blocked websites that may use much data traffic or simply sites they don’t want you to use. With a VPN connection, you will break out of that restrictive network and you stand completely free to surf the pages you want. And even if you work trusts you and allows you to surf all the pages you want, you should consider buying a VPN connection. With VPN your manager can’t record or collect any evidence about your surfing activities. Of course, we at Distrita don’t want you to break any rules, but as long as you surf with the responsibility we don’t understand why your boss should restrict you from surfing when you have some time off.

VPN for Private Web BrowsingGoogle wants to track everything you do

When you search in Google, Yahoo, Bing or similar search engines everything will be stored and they will show you ads afterward related to your searches.  Maybe you have installed Google Now on your phone? Note that all voice searches are recorded and saved. Google also tracks and records your location at all times. Every single move is being tracked and mapped. Don’t you feel comfortable with that, you should consider buying a VPN as soon as possible. Even scarier is that many countries allow the Police to access your Internet history data when it is needed. This is to help their investigations and this data will be stored for a total of 12 months in order to utilize it. With a VPN connection, all the Internet history data is kept private.

Stream your local sports games while you are away from your country

Geo-restrictions have you down? Many TV channels are not able to display sports content and other protected content outside of your country. When you’re on holiday in another country you can’t watch your favorite TV channels, sports games or even some youtube videos may be locked out. Thanks to the VPN connection you may manipulate the IP address to belong to your home country and you are free to watch your favorite shows just like home. Because of copyrights agreements also Netflix, Pandora, HBO, Hulu, and other streaming media providers cannot provide all content in all countries. If you stay in another country the content may be blocked. Thanks to the VPN connection you can just change the IP address to belong to the right country.

VoIP Phone Calls

Are you calling your friends or business partners from Skype? If you regularly use IP/VoIP, Skype or online chat programs, hackers may listen to you and track your digital footsteps. With a VPN solution you will keep your digital footsteps for yourself – 100% private.

Have you ever seen the questions about cookies and accepted it because you wanted to hide that pop-up box?


VPN for Private Web Browsing

The P2P user’s best friend

The authorities of movies and music associations forbid users from sharing movies and music online (P2P). A VPN connection makes you unidentifiable by authorities. If you want to avoid copyright prosecution or civil lawsuits, you should definitely consider buying a VPN connection.

We found VPN free, but good VPN services start from $3.95

There are many articles about VPN solutions online, but very few that covers good VPN providers. That’s why we were testing out some of the cheapest ones out there to see if they are working good. Some VPN solutions may cost as much as $15 or $100 per month but we found them too expensive. We even tested some VPN free solutions but they were extremely slow and even gave us a virus. So is VPN safe? Obviously not all of them. You get much better quality if you pay a little bit per month. One of the cheapest ones we found was SAFER VPN.  This is a complete VPN solution that makes you browse the web without restrictions, protect your privacy, securely encrypt all of your Internet traffic and much more.




Safer VPN’s special offer

Here is what Safer VPN offer:

  • Access your favorite TV shows, movies, sports and music with one single click. By changing your perceived IP address, SaferVPN gives you the fastest and simplest solution for streaming your most desired media from anywhere in the world.
  • Enjoy complete peace of mind knowing that you can securely browse the Internet anywhere, on any of your devices. With SaferVPN, there’s no need to worry about protecting your data on public Wi-Fi networks or shielding hackers from stealing your most valuable information.
  • Your personal browsing activities are personal and you should intend to keep it that way! By hiding your actual IP address, SaferVPN prevents governments, advertisers and website owners from tracking your digital footsteps, so you can experience complete privacy online.
  • Get single-click and seamless apps for all your devices, including a FREE unlimited Chrome Extension.
  • Automatically protect your personal data from snoopers and hackers with highly secure, 256-bit encryption. Browse safely on-the-go!
  • Enjoy unlimited location switching, bandwidth, and speed – it’s all unlimited.
  • Browse as if you were anywhere in the world with 400+ high-speed servers in over 30 worldwide locations. Personal privacy is invaluable. Safer VPN has got many packages and you try it for 30 days with a money back guarantee. Their subscription service starts at $8,99 but they go as low as 3,99 if you sign up for 2 years. Based on the low monthly price we find SaferVPN the best VPN solution for the moment.

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