As everyone knows the Liberals with Justin Trudeau won the election with a strong minority government.  Ontario and Quebec, where most of the population of Canada resides, came out strong for the Liberals along with the Atlantic provinces. 

Ontario did not want to see a federal Conservative government since experiencing the severe cuts to programs the provincial Conservative government was doing. The city and surrounding areas came out strongly Liberal with the rural areas coming out strongly for the Conservative Party. Manitoba retained 4 Liberal seats and  Premier Pallister has stated on the record that he does not agree with the talk of “Separation from Canada” that Alberta and Saskatchewan are now talking about. 

Saskatchewan and Alberta elected all Conservatives in their provinces even beating out the few Liberal Candidates that had served their communities well over the years. Their intent was to send a strong message, which they did, however, they now have no representation in Parliament so this should present some interesting times in the days to come. Prime Minister Trudeau has extended an olive branch to the western provinces stating he will work with them. 

He will do more to understand their frustrations and their fears and address them. 

Trumpism hitting the Canadian political agenda

Once the realization of “trumpism” hit our politics, specifically the Conservative Party  people in Ontario, Quebec and the Atlantic Provinces mobilized.  We reached out to each other to make sure Justin Trudeau and the Liberals were not chewed up by the “trumpism” of the Conservatives. 

Justin Trudeau and the Liberals are Canada’s best hope for keeping a democratic government that honors our Constitution, our Charter of Rights and Freedoms, protecting our environment, helping our Indigenous peoples, our homeless, and our military vets. Two dozen Canadian academics undertook to analyze the 353 pre-election promises of the Liberal government and how many actually were kept. 

They found the following:   “The experts found that by March of this year Trudeau’s government had entirely followed through on about 50 percent of its pledges, partially delivered on about 40 percent and had broken roughly 10 percent.”  This is an unprecedented record of accomplishment in Canada. 


5 Reasons Why Trudeau won the Canadian Election

The Parties and their Leaders

We have two main parties in Canada, the Liberal Party of Canada led by Justin Trudeau, the current Prime Minister of Canada and the Official Opposition which is the Conservative Party of Canada led by Andrew Scheer.  We then have the New Democratic Party (NDP) led by Jagmeet Singh, the Green Party of Canada led by Elizabeth May, The Bloc Quebecois led by Yves Blanchet and the newly formed People’s Party of Canada led by Maxime Bernier.

Ontario had just gone through a Provincial election the year before and for a multitude of reasons voters were either complacent or disillusioned with the Ontario Liberal leader, Kathleen Wynne.  The one bone of contention was the sex education she had implemented in the schools that the religious people were fainting in shock over. Her opposition, Doug Ford, Conservative Party of Ontario slammed her on this and had the backing of the Fundamental Evangelical religious people. 


He lied about many things she did and was proposing to do. For example he claimed the debt was over $300 B and the province was going broke. She countered it was not but her message got lost with the hype and hysteria. The truth is people were busy with their jobs, their families, overburdened with news that we are bombarded with daily from the USA regarding Trump.  Voters did not go to the polls in such large numbers that there was the lowest voter turnout in Ontario history and Doug Ford, Conservative Party of Ontario now became the Premier.

Election promises regarding single-payer healthcare

A couple of his election promises had been that our single-payer healthcare would not be privatized and “no one will lose their jobs as a result of our policies”. These were lies. Not a year later it was leaked that the Ford people had been in secret negotiations to privatize our healthcare with companies from the USA.

He suddenly cut all funding to programs for Autistic children and threw them back into regular classrooms.  Education was severely cut in funding resulting in 3,500 teachers terminated with another 6,500 soon to follow. Classrooms enlarged to 35 – 40 students and the Ford government was in negotiations with USA companies to provide online courses that were proved to be extremely substandard in the USA. He also welcomed in a University from the USA to set up a school in Toronto despite our Universities being world-recognized as excellent with foreign students taking courses from all over the world.

NONE of the Fords cuts to programs were done with any notice, reciting the mantra that the province is in massive debt. However he found $40 M to give to the horse racing industry, a $50,000 pimped out van for his use provided by the provincial police and “kept off the books”, many “termination fees” in $100 M and up range for various green energy contracts being terminated without cause, taking our federal government to court for imposing a Carbon Tax Plan, implemented a law that protected the province from any lawsuits resulting from their actions, and changed our laws to allow alcohol consumption in public parks from 9 am.  Well, the winos are now happy.

Canada had just been forced into a premature negotiation with the USA regarding the tri-country NAFTA trade agreement with Mexico, USA, and Canada only to end up with virtually the same deal and actually a bit better off.  Trump placed a steel embargo to force these negotiations of which the USA was Canada’s main purchaser. “Trumpism” did have its’ effect in Canada. We watched what transpired along with the rest of the world smugly thinking “Thank God we don’t have this here” and went about our daily business. 


Organizing the Battle Plans

Early in the summer, approximately in April people started to volunteer at Candidates for each party getting ready for the federal elections.  Social media suddenly became active with many facebook pages of each party to form groups that would share information, research and fact-checking.  I joined 5 different Liberal party groups with members across Canada from British Columbia to Newfoundland and a few messenger groups. Then the “White Supremacists” groups began putting out their pages, posts, memes.  Since Canada follows the Westminster rule of Parliament we waited for the “writ” to be dropped to officially start the election. That happened on September 11, 2019, and the election was on. During this period the government does no government business.  It is in what we call a “caretaking mode” and only does whatever business that allows programs, legal procedures to proceed but makes no decisions until after the election. 

The Conservatives came out strong and hard right out of the gate.   The usual accusations of how the government is deeply in debt and spiraling out of control.  Trudeau had a very comfortable lead on the Conservatives however, in February a document was leaked to the newspapers about how the former Minister of Justice and Attorney General of Canada had been pressured to give preferential treatment to a large Canadian company, SNC Lavalin, that had been caught in bribery scandals in foreign countries during the time before Justin Trudeau had become Prime Minister.  There were many twists and turns in this story, however, the end result was the Liberals numbers slipped considerably in the polls. The Minister in question and another, the Minister of Indigenous Affairs as a result of making statements in the press expressing they had lost confidence in the government and mostly in Prime Minister Trudeau were expelled from the Liberal Party and from the caucus as the rest of the Ministers no longer felt comfortable discussing government matters that are meant to be kept only within caucus given the previous sudden leak of information that started this whole mess.  The Liberals eventually regained their lead and the scandal was behind them.  5 Reasons Why Trudeau won the Canadian Election

Suddenly a list of who funded the hate sites that all named themselves Canada Proud, Ontario Proud, Alberta Proud, etc was leaked to the newspapers.  It showed the funders of these sites were the billionaires and multi-millionaires who owned the largest construction companies of subdivisions of residential homes, large Condos, and business buildings. 

They had been salivating for years at the prospect of building in the wetlands and parklands that had been set aside years ago by the governments over years to provide a green area around the cities and home to the wildlife that lived in these areas.

The list included hardware stores, building suppliers .. it was a large list and Premier Ford in Ontario was on his way to opening up the Greenlands to this construction to the point of offering money to hunters to shoot the larger wildlife in these areas ie:  coyote, wolves, deer … It opened Canada’s eyes to what a federal Conservative government would do to all of Canada.  


As Andrew Scheer leader of the Conservatives made his appearances around the country with a smirk on his face that reminded you of the cat that ate the canary and had not yet swallowed it, relishing the canary struggling in his throat.  People in Ontario hit the social media sites warning Alberta who was in the middle of provincial elections themselves, not to vote in Conservatives, look what Ford had done, they would go through the same. This fell on deaf ears as their hatred for the “East”, who they have been told for generations had been stealing from them, using their oil money to fund our “frill” programs of healthcare, welfare, etc and their hatred of Pierre Elliot Trudeau, Justin’s father who had been our Prime Minister for 15 years which they transposed to Justin Trudeau would not allow them to vote anything but Conservative. 5 Reasons Why Trudeau won the Canadian ElectionSaskatchewan and Manitoba followed shortly after. 

It became very apparent that this was not the “old” Conservative Party that we knew.  There was something different in their rhetoric. Hidden meanings, sly phrasing when answering questions, a caginess that was unusual for a politician.

A resurgence of the anti-abortion coalitions, the Evangelical fundamental religions became vocal whereas in the past they kept silent.  Canada had always prided itself on keeping religion out of politics. This election religion started to play a prominent role. They promoted and targeted areas that they felt would be sympathetic to them and vigorously canvassed those areas in an attempt to get the Conservative candidate elected. 

What was at stake now became clear and it was our entire country. Although our Charter of Rights and Freedoms gave us certain rights. Abortion, LGBTQ2 rights and much more. With 6 Provincial Premiers and a Prime Minister who is also Conservative, this gave them the required amount to abolish the Charter of Rights and Freedoms and give the right to each province to enact their own laws such as we are seeing in the USA. 

In Texas, a woman will be charged with murder if she has an abortion – for ANY reason, the doctor and any who assist them would be charged and face jail. If she goes out of the State and returns she would be charged. If she miscarries and it is deemed that she placed herself in a position that she should have known something might happen to endanger her fetus or if she did not take proper care of herself, then she is charged with murder. Whether it is a case of rape, incest or a medical reason – the fetus is extremely deformed, has no brain or skull and will not live but a few weeks, an abortion is not allowed. The list would be endless with all rights, labor, medical – right to die … everything would be up to each Province.  Since all Conservative Premiers have stated, after they were elected that they are against all of these rights and have now been in a fight with the federal government as to what is their jurisdiction to withdraw and not withdraw, this intensified the federal election and what was at stake.  

The Lightbulb goes on to the Extent of Foreign Influence

It became clear to Canadians what had happened.  The Conservative Party had been taken over by the Republican Party of the USA who have been taken over by the Evangelical/Pentecostal/Baptist religion.  Evangelicals do not give their allegiance to their country, only to their church. Since their church leaders are primarily in the USA they feel a closer kinship to Americans and wish to be more American. 

They feel that the social assistance of any kind is against God and his teachings. To this end they also feel paying taxation is against God and use the phrase “you are worshiping Satan by paying taxation” In their world there would only be minimal taxation for minimal services.  Everything else you should pay for yourself. The education of your children – private school tuition fees, medical bills, etc. If you could not afford these and could not get these services that was God’s decision on you. They also feel it is their obligation to convert everyone and to ensure everyone is living under these “rules”.

These are the people that threw their weight behind the Republicans and President Trump of the USA because they were promised if they helped to elect him they would overturn the current laws to what they wanted.  They have now turned their focus on Canada.

Should Canada be part of the religious movements in the USA?

Many in the USA and especially in these religious movements believe Canada should have always been part of the USA this is termed “Manifest Destiny”.  For a full understanding of how this movement has traveled and impacted worldwide watch a documentary called “The Family” on Netflix.

Without naming all of the religious terms, in short form, their belief is that North America was meant to be a white, Christian only nation. Those of color, those who are not the right kind of “Christian” should be deported back to their ancestral homelands. They seem to see this as their time to assert themselves and grab control with the help of hate groups, neo-Nazis, etc.  The ultra-rich .. the 1% with various shareholdings and even companies in the oil and gas sector of Alberta, Canada have been funding and fueling these various groups to cause chaos, confusion and destabilize the Trudeau government. Frank Smeenk, the millionaire was behind the xenophobic “No to Mass Migration” billboards popping up throughout Canada.  He is also an oil and mining executive with a long involvement in Conservative politics, most recently hosting a fundraiser for Doug Ford and helped to elect him as Premier of Ontario. In all, Canada was warned there were at least 6 foreign governments attempting to influence our political outcome to their benefit. 

The goal would be once a Conservative federal government is installed, they would literally hand every resource, lumber, mining, oil, gas but most importantly freshwater to the USA and money interest. 

Canada has the largest supply of freshwater in the world. The USA is running out of freshwater due to its fracking for oil and the pollution of their waterways. Their crops are drying up, California is experiencing record forest fires each year and their eye is on Canada’s freshwater supply. Canadians would be dependent on American companies for their jobs and our wages would be reduced as they have their own people.  The phrase “keep them fearful, barely able to make a living, uneducated and you have a labor force that will work hard” is all too real in the USA and now trying to come into Canada.

We would end up beggars in our own country. Suddenly we galvanized, each group did their research, into the hate groups, and various other groups popping up claiming to have information. Post media, owned by American hedge investors also owns the majority of media from newspapers to television news outlets in Canada, came strongly out in favor of the Conservatives except for The Toronto Star which is still an independent media.  Andrew Scheer started a smear campaign against Trudeau. The Trump rule of politics was in Canada. Say any outrageous thing, have your supporters support you no matter what and the formula says you will sail into the Prime Minister’s spot.  

5 Reasons Why Trudeau won the Canadian Election

Liberals shared information online and at the campaign office.  We checked and double-checked our facts. We countered every lie with facts and verifiable postings.  We trolled Andrew Scheer’s facebook page with facts and the appropriate links. When a Conservative candidate came out with an outrageous lie, we hit their facebook page and demanded answers, we waged war and we kept a steady stream of it going.

We also took under our wing a number of Liberal candidates who were being hit hard by trolls from the Conservative supporters.

The comments being left were from mocking to sexist, raw and crude. We countered them chased them down, identified which ones were bots and warned others not to bother with them.  We reported them to facebook to be banned. We reported to Elections Canada if we saw postings that violated our laws. Andrew Scheer was my first of many complaints to Elections Canada for investigation and possible legal action to be taken. We regularly scanned new Liberal candidates to ensure they were not being hit by trolls and left positive and encouraging comments on their pages. 

My groups consisted of people who lived remote or were disabled and could not do the regular volunteer work, but their knowledge was immense and together we formed an effective and efficient team. We shared information among ourselves and agreed on strategies. Given our time differences across Canada, we were able to effectively monitor the candidates facebook pages for almost 12 – 14 hours a day, 7 days a week. 

Those of us who could, also carved out time to volunteer in our local Candidates campaign offices. Either on the phones, identifying possible Liberal voters or going out door to door canvassing and handing out information. I spoke to the staff and workers at my mother’s nursing home, many of them immigrants to this country and now citizens and informed them of the importance of this election. I urged, begged, pleaded with them to vote and to vote Liberal.  I spoke to customers as I waited in line to pay for my groceries, as I waited for my car to be repaired at the shop, as I waited to see the doctor, as I took the elevator in my building, in the laundry room. I spoke to anyone who would listen, young and old. I had friends of mine who were not yet citizens and therefore not able to vote, volunteer at my candidates’ office freeing up volunteers to do more.  

353 Election Promises; 92% of Promises Kept

Canada is in a trade surplus for the first time in five years.  NAFTA was successfully renegotiated and the steel tariffs that Trump had imposed were now lifted. Unemployment, at 5.8% is at the lowest it has been in 45 years, taxes have come down for the middle class with higher income levels paying more taxes.

The infrastructure that was left unrepaired has been steadily repaired, affordable housing, health care, and the economy in the first quarter grew by 4% with projections for the year at 2.6%. The Canadian economy has generated since 2016, more than 900,000 new jobs and Canada’s annualized rate of economic growth has again topped 3%.

Liberal policies have affected real lives.  A new tax free child benefit, up to $6,500 per child lifting over 800,000 children above the poverty line; negotiated and signed CETA, an extensive European trade deal; reached an agreement for the CPTPP, the largest free trade deal in the world and estimated to boost Canada’s GDP by 4.2 billion providing access to key Asian markets; increased taxes on the wealthiest 1% and closed loopholes in our taxation system, lowered taxes for the middle class and lower taxes for 97% of small business; legalized marijuana to deprive organized crime of billions in profits; $329 Million allocated to fight gangs and gun violence across Canada; despite tariffs imposed by the Trump administration Canadian exports to the USA broke a 10 year record.

The one thing that came out as the most important issue to Canadians was the Climate Crisis.  Of all the parties, the Liberals had the most extensive Climate Plan, the most cost-effective and attainable.  Is it perfect?  No, more needs to be done, however, the Liberal plan does not promise what it cannot deliver.  The Liberal record of ratifying the Paris Accord to ensure Canada did its part to prevent Climate Change speaks for itself along with repairing the water systems on 600 Indigenous Reserves spread across Canada that were neglected by the previous government and now 85% completed.  Justin Trudeau pledged to plant over 2 billion trees across Canada among many other Green projects and initiatives to reduce our dependence on fossil fuel.

The 5 reasons we voted for Justin Trudeau and The Liberal Party of Canada

The “Trumpism” tactics were something completely foreign to Canadians.  The Conservative Party not only adopting “trumpism” but holding secret meetings with oil and gas executives from the USA who had interests in the Alberta Tar Sands.  The inserting of their particular religious views into our politics of Evangelicalism and also of “Charismatic Catholics” – Catholics who lean towards the fundamentalism of Evangelism. The rise of anti-abortion and anti LGBTQ2 groups from these religious groups demanding an end to abortion rights and with an aim to criminalize homosexuality and to enforce Conversion Therapy on LGBTQ2 of all ages in an effort to drag us back to the 1950’s. We pushed back on all of these attacks.

Scheer refused to disclose his platform until the week of the election only.  While all other parties had submitted their platforms a month before and were given grades of feasibility, cost, attainability. The Liberals came out ahead of the New Democratic Party and the Green Party as the most feasible and economically attainable.

Nothing was more poignant than the arrival of Greta Thunberg which spurred millions in cities across Canada to march in solidarity with her and her message of Climate Crisis.  Her treatment by Jason Kenney, Premier of Alberta where he entirely snubbed her, refused to meet with her and the hate groups turned out to protest her by driving their trucks by her and blowing their horns in protest.  They were drowned out by the thousands who showed up to greet and march with her.  “Athabasca Chipewyan First Nation Chief Allan Adam says he told the 16-year-old Swede that Europeans are major investors in the area’s oilsands, and she needs to get people to lobby those investors for greener technology to extract Alberta energy.”  The meeting with Chief Allan Adam was arranged in a Fort McMurray office arranged earlier in the week and was kept secret in order to prevent pro-oilsands campaigners from protesting and disrupting the meeting. It should also be noted that Canada’s Autumn Peltier, began as a Water Protector at the age of 8, confronted Justin Trudeau about his purchase of a pipeline, spoke at the United Nations and is currently serving as Chief of Water Commissioner for the Anishinabek Nation while still in high school and named to the BBC’s list of 100 top and influential women.

Scheer himself publishes posts that are outright lies and although exposed and reported to Elections Canada for investigation, he continued throughout to keep those posts on his Facebook page.  One where he laments that a UK child killer is to be given a new identity and money to relocate in Canada and as Prime Minister, he would not allow this.

The UK Conservative government had to publicly deny that this was ever a consideration. In the last weeks of the election, Scheer and many of his candidates targeted seniors stating Trudeau was going to put an extra tax on the sale of their home causing anxiety and panic among seniors.  Trudeau repeatedly stated there was no new tax and no new tax on residences would be administered. It was also revealed that Scheer has dual citizenship with the USA, has registered for the USA draft in their military, has paid USA taxes. Meanwhile he also publicly criticized Michaella Jean, Governor-General of Canada for her having dual citizenship, renounced before her appointment, and questioned her loyalty to Canada for her once dual citizenship. Justin Trudeau is smeared with dressing in “brownface” 20 years ago when he portrayed Alladin at a masquerade ball at the private school he was employed as a teacher.

He also dressed in “blackface” while he was in a production in high school.  Trudeau immediately apologized and stated he realizes back then he had been oblivious to the signals of this attire due to a position of privilege.  Many people of color supported Trudeau and stated his record as a politician and how he inclusively governed should be the deciding factor in this election, not something he did over 20 years ago. Barack Obama wrote a letter to Canadians in support of Trudeau and Martin Luther King III while he was in Toronto stated he would vote for Trudeau if he were Canadian.

The smear campaign against Trudeau also strongly alluded to a sex scandal between himself and a parent and/or a student which proved to be a total fabrication. Within the last week of the election it was revealed a Warren Kinsella and his business “The Daisy Group”  had a contract with the Conservative Party to “seek and destroy” Maxime Bernier, leader of the People’s Party of Canada and targeting it’s members and supporters as long as it could not be traced back to the Conservative Party.  Andrew Scheer refused to say whether or not Warren Kinsella was hired which led to speculation. The People’s Party of Canada had drawn voters away from the Conservatives in Quebec. It is also widely believed that Warren Kinsella is behind the smear campaigns of sexual innuendo against Justin Trudeau.

The Election in my Riding

The Candidate in my area was Omar Alghabra and he is a Parliamentary Assistant.  He is of Syrian descent, was born in Saudi Arabia in 1969 and came to Canada at the age of 19 and trained as a mechanical engineer.  He had taken a bar/tavern that had gone bankrupt to house his campaign. It was perfect. A smaller room housed the computers and phone lines that volunteers worked at.  The larger bar area is where Omar’s campaign staff had set up their tables with everything they needed to direct volunteers and keep on top of what was happening.

This campaign office was a beehive of activity, they made sure it was constantly full of snacks, juices, drinks for everyone.  Daily food was brought in by businesses showing their support, volunteers who prepared special meals to social nights where people would gather and talk. The talk was always … the Liberals, Justin Trudeau, and the campaign. High school kids from 14 years of age and up would drop by after school and work. 

People of all cultures and all ages drifted in and out focused and intent on what they were doing that day. Omar came in every day to say hello to everyone, meet with his staff, go over numbers, meet with individuals who had an issue they needed help with. Omar’s campaign staff were always there, always cheerful, always helpful.  We had been working steadily for months and finally, Election Day was on us. We came in early ready to do our part.

I handled the phones freeing up the regular staffers to organize the volunteers into their groups. People were sent out to the voting stations around Mississauga Centre to be there to assist anyone who needed assistance. We had volunteers ready to drive elderly and disabled people to the voting places in their areas.  We had lawyers ready to go to voting stations if people encountered a problem trying to vote. We had people who went out in the early hours before people were awake and put “Remember to Vote” cards on door handles of identified Liberal supporters so that people did not forget to vote. At 10 am the calls started to come in. A couple of voting stations set up in schools had changed the entrances to the main entrance of the schools requiring people to walk the length of the school to get to the area where they could vote. 

The elderly and disabled would not be able to walk this distance and would normally turn around and go home without voting. Immediately our people went out to make them open up the original entrances that were closer. Several elderly people called who did not have driver licenses and presented their citizenship papers and passports for ID and were refused.

We had lawyers who would go to these stations, represent these people and made sure they were able to vote. The voting stations closed at 9:30 pm and by 10:30 pm it was evident the Liberals had won the election. As I celebrated with the volunteers at Omar’s campaign office, I stepped outside for some air. There was a gentleman, approx. 50 years of age leaning on one of the railings looking inside the large windows of the bar smiling softly.  He had come from the apartments behind our building. I looked at what he was looking at and I saw everyone congratulating, hugging, smiling, laughing.

There were women in hijabs and traditional dress of their culture and women without hijabs and in jeans, men in suits and in traditional middle eastern dress, Chinese, Asian, Arabic, Pakistani, Philippino, Mexican, “white Canadians”, Sikhs with their colorful turbans all in ages from 14 to 80. I looked back at the gentleman leaning on the railing and he said to me “They’re very happy tonight”. I nodded my head and said, “Yes, they are and I think relieved”. This was the dirtiest campaign I have ever seen in Canada. All the Trump tricks were pulled. Outright lies, trying to pin a fabricated sex scandal on Justin Trudeau, the Conservatives making Doug Ford, the Premier of Ontario,  go on vacation with his whole cabinet for 5 months until after the election so that he would not be associated with Andrew Scheer. 

The formation of hate groups and white supremacy groups funded by the ultra-rich of our community, bringing the Alberta Premier, Jason Kenney to Ontario to campaign for Scheer. Hiring two Republicans who were on Donald Trump’s campaign for election to Andrew Scheer’s campaign to advise them. Candidates who had ugly racial and crude things, Nazi symbols, etc written on their campaign signs and some just destroyed or even stolen. 

5 Reasons Why Trudeau won the Canadian Election

It is Not Over, It is the Beginning

It is not over.  We are still online, now talking with our western people trying to understand them and them trying to understand us. We have been kicked out of our smugness.  We have racism, we have problems, we will address them and we will keep our country together. The Alberta Premier, Jason Kenney is demanding separation from Canada.  Well, that is another idea that would drag western people down a very dark and deep rabbit hole and I think most realize this. What will happen, who knows but I know it is not over by a long shot and we will keep fighting the USA influence that has so badly and rudely inserted itself in our country’s affairs. 


I give you a tribute to Pierre Elliot Trudeau, Justin Trudeau’s father who was a true leader.  Without him, our Canada would not be the progressive nation it is right now, even with its faults and Justin Trudeau would not be the leader he is right now. He will grow politically with time, learn from his mistakes and I think will surpass his father in holding our country together and progress in healing the long-time wounds for many. 




Source: Distrita Own Experience