Different types of jack types. Big one is used by many older hifi systems. The smaller one is called mini jack

The sound of today’s HDMI, USB, Bluetooth or other totally digitally solutions is the humans taste for music. It’s really bad for music made by older artists that you listen to. But whats even worse, new artists way of getting loved by people also is in real danger. All music tones that you get served today gets worse once you try to leave the analog sound world and choose non mini-jack solutions for listening to music. And it will get worse until someone finds out that music was for sure better back in the days…!

The mini jack connectors are all analogue. They do have some digital activating parts that was added later, but it is all phone connectors melted into one connector. You know those red and white connecters behind sound recievers for connecting speakers. Yes, that’s all analogue quality sound. It also depends on the reciever and the speakers on how good the analogue sound is. But in the end it’s what music should be all about. The beats and the tones to feel different and not the same all the way. ,

Mini jack is also known as phone jack, audio jack, headphone jack or jack plug. This is a family of electrical connector typically used for analog signals. The phone connector was invented for use in telephone switchboards in the 19th century and is still widely used. So, forget to get a iPhone X from Apple or Pixel 2 if you want quality sound to your ears! Read our 5 Reasons on why mini jack produces better beats.

Radio Garden Revealed 5 Reasons on why mini jack produces better beats
Music should give you the whole package. Music, persons vibe and soul delivered to you!

5 Reasons Why Mini jack Produces Better Beats

One! Almost every reciever, hifi system, pc speakers or headphones uses mini jack. There are so many cables out there that you will never ever need to pay hundreds of extra to get converters etc.

Two! Most of music in the past is all done in analogue way. They all will sound way better by using mini jack or phono connectors. You can for sure try this out home where you play a KLF house song on a sound system with mini jack versus listening to the very same song thru HDMI, USB or even worse Bluetooth. I have a SONY Bluetooth headset that also got mini jack connector. The sound between these two systems is humongous. I can survive with the Bluetooth sound though, but thats because my mind as with almost everyone else have just accepted the digital way of listen to music! Its scary. But once mini jack is used, I understand how much my ears and mind is tricked into thinking that Bluetooth is great. The same thing goes for FM Radio which is analogue versus DAB and DAB+ which is digital!

Also worth to mention. We at Distrita got a new PC speaker system from Creative named Creative Soundblaster X at the office with both mini jack and USB connection for sound. USB one keeps the sound so flat. There is simply no life in the music anymore. It is as if all the soul is taken away from the music. We almost wanted to deliver them back to the store. However! Once we plugged in mini jack. The sound from the new speakers saved them totally. It was like night and day regarding sound quality.

Three! The mini jack connector sits much better where it should. A HDMI, USB or even USB-C connector is much worse regarding audio issues. Mini jack just works everytime and if there is a error it’s easy to fix. The sound never stutters like USB sound too. It could be our Windows 10 drivers reason. But still, mini jack doesn’t have the same issues if the hardware around is good. I have noticed mini jack on my MacBook 13″ black version that sometims the mini jack connector had issues switching. But this is also rather a MacOSX issue. On my MacBook Pro Retina 13″ I never had this issue.


I’ve never managed to destroy a mini jack or a phono connector in my life. USB, HDMI etc is worse, especially if you have a little one loving to bite everything. Mini jack and phono connectors always survives!

Phono red and white cables adapter to mini jack. There is very minimal audio noise loss by using this compared to any other mini jack to USB or HDMI adapter etc

Four!  Mini jack is also known as phone jack, audio jack, headphone jack or jack plug. The phono part is very easy to understand. Red and White is the colors. For recievers that uses phono connectors with Red and White colors its way easyer to find out which speaker that isn’t working as it should. Mini jacks can be used for this also, but since the Red and White is connected into one plug, the connector needs to be well made for testing left and righ speaker. You can gently move it out and in of the mini jack connector. You can also use software with your favourite operating system also for checking this.

Five! Analogue sound will always sound better than digital, but even analogue recievers and hifi systems can make as hassel. The same goes for operating systems with music players that got their own digital equalizers. Many remembers WinAMP for sure? I never liked to touch the equalizers, because it destroyed the sound quality and I ended up using several minutes trying to adjust the sound just to realize that when I turned off the equalizer that this sound was the best. Maybe you have had the same issue there?


Most of the mini jack recievers does have digital volume tools in their software. So even if they use phono or mini jack connectors. The sound can sound a little bit too digital. This can be tweaked often and you can end up with perfect sound as with the equalizer in WinAMP that I described. Those recievers and hifi systems from the 1980s and 1990s that had analogue volume controls without steps regarding volume increase and decrease produced the best sound quality. Also the fact that you didn’t have these volume steps. You could adjust your hifi or mini rack hifi system to the sound you wanted to have. I loved this and so I got myself an Technics SA-AX530 reciever that I have connected to my PowerMac G5 with MorphOS on it and I’ve got a phono to mini jack converter for 1 Euro so I can connect my mobile phone to the reciever. The sound quality is just stunning!

iPhone 8
iPhone 8 also have no mini jack connector and many more mobile phone companies starts their digitally revolution that will result in music loosing it’s total package for sure

Getting iPhone X or Pixel 2 is like saying Goodbye to Amazing sound

There is simply no digital alternative today yet that can compete with mini jack. To have this removed is really bad. Its the same thing with Norwegian government forcing DAB+ on all and closing FM signals for the biggest national and private owned radio stations in Norway. The sound is terrible. One of the digitally channels is called VINYL that broadcasts many songs from 1960s, 1970s and 1980s. The DAB+ sound is just flat. I know its Elvis that sings when he sings, but I don’t get his soul at all.

Phono cables have been and still is one of the best standards that the humankind have ever made. Its music sound to perfections. With a great reciever, nice software and a superb operating system then all digital sounds trying to impress won’t. Yes you can move the equalizers for digital sound, but you can’t turn it off. You are stuck with the sound you get either its high or low volume!

So, if you want to keep nice sound. Then choose mobile phones with a mini jack connector. It’s way cheaper! It is Much Better and it’s almost childproof compared to the digital standards too. You have much less control over the sound that you recieve to your ears.


New artists that tries to get your love gets more and more issues too, because all of their music and vocals sounds the same. Analogue sound makes every artist and voice unique. Digital sound doesn’t manage to do that, and if you don’t agree I can with my heart say that in 8-10 years when everything is digital. You might understand! Music isn’t just music.. it’s the whole package.


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